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Paleo Week 1 Check In

First, I'll get right to the numbers of my first week results on the Paleo diet.

Beginning Stats
Weight 177
BF% 32.5%
Waist 34.5
Right Thigh 21.5
Right Calf 14.75
Right Arm 12

Week 1 Stats
Weight 177
BF% 32.4%
Waist 34.5
Right Thigh 21.5
Right Calf 14.75
Right Arm 12

Exactly the same. The .1 difference on the BF monitor is nothing, readings on that can vary. Normally I might be discouraged, disappointed, or annoyed, but I'm not. I knew I hadn't lost anything this week, but honestly, from the amount of nuts and fruit (along with all the other yummy foods) I had over the weekend and all week long really, I would normally have expected a gain. I'm focusing on the positive, changing a few things this next week, and moving on.

What I'm loving about Paleo so far:
  • Not having to count calories or track obsessively. Love this. Mentally this is priceless to me. I am tracking via my daily vlogs on Adventures in Tracking, but that's it. I have no idea how many calories, carbs, or protein grams I've consumed. It's kind of nice. I am simply trying to be mindful of when I'm hungry, when I'm full, not over-eating and all that. It's a whole new realm for me.
  • Zero urge to binge. None. 
  • Energy/clear head. All week I've kept saying over and over how great I feel, and that's been the main thing I've noticed for week one. I feel fabulous. Which sort of shines a light on how not fabulous I had been feeling. 
  • The food. The only thing I'm missing so far is half & half in my coffee. I am loving all the new recipes I've been trying. My husband is too. He eats modified paleo (he eats some dairy) because of his narcolepsy. (Well, he doesn't know he eats 'paleo', it's not because he read the book or anything, but he does. It has made a huge difference in his health.) He loves that I'm making new, exciting dishes that are perfect for how he eats. I think he was getting very bored with his food lately.
  • I feel great. Oh wait, I've said that before? OK, moving on then...
  • Fruit. I love that it's not a crazy low carb thing that excludes fruit completely. It is summer, fruit is fantastic (and cheap) right now and I'm going to enjoy it. 
  • The paleo community. I'm finding blogs, twitter folks, podcasts, you name it, surrounding paleo. It's awesome.
My first week went great. No, I didn't lose weight, but I have had other positive changes. Like how I'm feeling, my energy levels, etc. I am definitely sticking this out the 30 days. I think that planning ahead and setting myself up for success this time around has made all the difference. 

My workouts were not consistent, so I definitely need to work on that this next week.
I ordered The Paleo Diet last week and I also ordered Robb Wolf's book, The Paleo Solution, it should be here today or tomorrow. I had read them both previously from the library. But I want to own both of them so I can refer back. This week I need to figure out what to tweak so that I'm losing fat. I know I need to cut back on nuts. That is the first thing I'll do. But I want to see what other suggestions the books have that I have probably forgotten.
I love the cookbook I ordered. I'll be reviewing that this week. It has been a HUGE help

Tropical Traditions sent me some of their coconut oil to try. 32-oz. - Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil - 1 quart It's fantastic. Hubby seems to want to cook everything in coconut oil! 

I also ordered some fo their Coconut Cream Concentrate to try in my coffee, smoothies, etc. 1-Pint (16-oz) - Coconut Cream Concentrate
I think the guar gum in others is bothering me.

I think my August Things I'm Loving video is going to be pretty long! SO many new things I'm finding and falling in love with this month.

Week 1 has been awesome. On to week 2!

Have you ever tried Paleo?

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