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Going Primal Day 26

Yesterday was a pretty great day eating-wise, but not such a great day workout-wise. Meaning: I didn't do the workout I'd planned. I didn't do any workout. Oops. I took an unplanned rest day. No excuses. I wasn't over-tired or feeling like I needed it, I just did. Not letting that happen again today though!

OK, my eats for Monday:

Breakfast was coffee (of course) with cream, fresh strawberries, and turkey sausage. I had one more piece of sausage after I took the pic.
This kind.
Lunch was some spectacular chicken & grape salad from this book...
...which I love and will be reviewing soon.
In the afternoon I had coffee with cream and cinnamon. Then I had 4 strawberries that I forgot to take a pic of.

Dinner was roast I had put in the crockpot yesterday morning and smashed cauliflower.
After dinner I had 2 squares of Lindt 90% dark chocolate.
I'm going to go ahead and do my final Going Primal post tomorrow. Wednesday is my regular weigh in day and even though it's not quite the end of the month, it's only 2 days off. So final results, thoughts, all that jazz from this month will be up tomorrow.

If you haven't already, go enter to win this book:

Here's the link to my Everyday Paleo Giveaway. Go, quick, you only have until Friday.

Have a fantastic day!! I'll leave you with a random pic of some of my chickens from the weekend: