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What is Paleo? What is Primal? What's the Difference?

I have had a lot of questions on Paleo and Primal. Questions on Paleo/Primal eating as well as fitness. A common question I get is: What is the difference between Primal and Paleo? Another one is: What should I be eating on Paleo (or Primal)? Or, how should I be working out... You get the picture. Lots of folks are confused or just wondering what the heck they are. 

I thought I'd address all of these questions with a couple of videos from folks more qualified than I!

I found this video, it's pretty long, but a GREAT explanation of Paleo. Very thorough explanation on diet, fitness, everything Paleo if you're interested.

Some of my favorite Paleo sites: and

Then, I think this video short and sweetly explains Primal. It's very similar to Paleo with a few tweaks.

Some of my favorite Primal sites: and

Does this help? Any other specific questions on Primal/Paleo you'd like me to address?