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Words to Inspire

I used to do Sunday Quotes. I don't know how popular those posts were, but I enjoyed them.

I thought for a while I would instead do Words to Inspire.

I love words. Perhaps that's why I write. Words and their meanings seem more important to me than to the average person. Recently someone called me illiterate (I won't get into the story, it's not really important) what bothered me (much more than the fact this person was choosing to be mean) was his misuse of that word. I am in fact one of the last people he should be calling 'illiterate'. I wanted to buy him a dictionary.

Sometimes certain words really pop, really resonate with me. I used to do a 'word of the day' on twitter as a way of sharing these words. Since stopping that, Words to Inspire will be my way of sharing those words that have really struck a chord with me recently. Hopefully you will enjoy this new Sunday series!

Relentless:  Steady and persistent; unremitting. Unyielding. Unrelenting.