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xoxo, Kerri O.

How To Lose Weight, Get Fit, and Be Healthy For The Rest of Your Life.

I tweeted this yesterday: @KerriOlkjer Kerri OK, if my start weight was 235 (best guess, wasn't weighing) I've lost 60 pounds so far...that I am celebrating today. I tweeted it not to brag, but because I was trying to shift my focus. Trying to stop looking at the plateau I've been struggling with lately, to stop looking at the last 20 pounds or so I have to go and to truly appreciate how far I've come. To remember where I've come from and truly appreciate where I am. Which took me on a little trip down memory lane.

Weigh In Wednesday 10/26

I debated whether I still wanted to include my Wednesday weigh ins when I changed my blog to Fitviews. The decision was: absolutely! I very much so want to still share my story, my struggles, my successes. The accountability and support I receive here is priceless.

Recipe: Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti

I was nervous about trying the whole spaghetti squash as spaghetti noodles thing. But everyone on twitter raved about it, so I tried it...and...I LOVE it! Hubby loved it too. The kids, well they may take some more convincing. But they're not the adventurous sort.

Wednesday Weigh In 10/19

After the rough week I had last week I actually expected a gain this week. Happily, I was wrong. I lost half a pound from last week. I will take that and run! I didn't measure last week, but I did weigh in on the Awesome by August page.  This week: Weight 175 (I had been up to 175.5 last week) Waist 32 Right Thigh 20.5 Right Calf 14 Right Arm 11.75 Hips 40.5 I really, really, like, really want to see the 160's. I have not seen the 160's in...16 years maybe? I. Will. Get. There. Here's to a great week!

Ch-ch-changes coming...

As I mentioned last week, my blog has some changes coming. First of which will be a name change and a re-design. For the next several days my blog will be under construction...please forgive the dust ;) Want to know what the new name will be? Hop on over and 'like' my new facebook page !

Keep Pushing

I had a rough week last week. The week started out great. I was eating Paleo, got some great workouts in, I was feeling on top of the world...then...well, then there was some tough stuff going on with some people in my husband's family. I was feeling hurt, emotional, all that good stuff...and I turned to food. Big time. There were bagels and sugar cookies involved (I don't even like sugar cookies, wth). The bad situation compounded with the bad eating choices ended the week with an overall down in the dumps me. Friday I posted this on facebook: Kat DoesDiets The last two days have been bad. Some emotional hurtful stuff going on with hubby's side of the fam. I turned to food. I lost my fight... No more. Today is a good day. Tomorrow will be even better. Thank you to everyone who commented, liked, and gave me support. It meant so much. Seriously, what would we do without facebook?!  I only worked out twice last week. I did not meet the goals I'd set . I

Take a Break, Take a Listen

I cannot get enough of these two songs lately. They just make me happy: I hated this song when I first heard it, so I find it funny that I love it now! Love, love, love, love this song. What songs are you obsessed with lately?  Excuse me while I play these for the 5 bazillionth time and dance around my kitchen...

Finishing 2011 Strong

Wow, do you realize that we are in the tenth month of the year?! Tenth. That means we have 3 months (well, a little less actually since it's the 12th) before the new year.  How many of us started out this year with BIG goals, BIG plans, only to let them fritter and fizzle? If that's not you, if you've stuck to your game plan, awesome! But if it is you, don't despair! And absolutely don't just give up and wait for the new year.

Goal Weight, Schmoal Weight

My goal weight is 140 pounds. Or wait, maybe it's 145 pounds. Well, I am gaining muscle, maybe my goal weight is 150?  Hmmm, maybe we should talk sizes. A size 2? Ahahahahaha! I just fell off my chair. Size 4? Still pretty small for me. Size 6? That sounds nice. Size 8? Wouldn't be the worst thing. But what would that look like exactly?

I've Found My Lobster

This pic has nothing to do with this post. It's just a pretty picture of some fall leaves on our land, before it SNOWED over the weekend...but every post needs a picture, yes? Yep, you read that right...I've found my lobster .  No, not my husband, although he definitely is. I'm talking my 'diet' lobster. It's Paleo. Yep, we're perfect for each other. Meant to be you might even say.  Anyone who's followed my blog for long has seen me test and try out, suffer through and throw by the wayside many an eating plan. Paleo works for me. I feel my best eating this way. It's my lobster. 

Internet Vacation

OK, that was hard. Taking an entire week off the internet was tough! OK, OK...there *may* have been some You Tube involved...and I *allegedly* came back a day early...but still, it wasn't easy. I'm back, I'm glad to be back, did you miss me, I missed you.... Deep breath, slow down, I have SO much to say!! But I'll save that for more posts this week. I just wanted to pop in and say: I'm back!!  I feel refreshed, revived, re-energized and ready to hit the ground running. Just how I had hoped I would feel after a week off. OH, and it snowed here over the weekend. Crazy pants. That's normal weather for this crazy place I live though. Sorry for the bad picture proof, but we got 8+ inches over the weekend! I'm off to build a snow man...see ya tomorrow!

I Quit!

Yep, you read that right. I quit. I quit my blog. I quit my facebook. I quit my klout score. I quit empire avenue. I quit... twitter? Yes, twitter too. I quit.

Everyday Paleo Book Winner!

Thank you to everyone who commented on my 509th post! The winning comment (chosen by for the copy of: is..... Sally Anne @ PaleoRunnerGirl  said... Holy Smoked! That is so exciting! Congrats!!! September 26, 2011 5:47 AM  Congrats! Email me your mailing info at Have a great weekend everyone!!