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Finishing 2011 Strong

Wow, do you realize that we are in the tenth month of the year?! Tenth. That means we have 3 months (well, a little less actually since it's the 12th) before the new year. 

How many of us started out this year with BIG goals, BIG plans, only to let them fritter and fizzle? If that's not you, if you've stuck to your game plan, awesome! But if it is you, don't despair! And absolutely don't just give up and wait for the new year.

Three months is a LOT of time. I am making some new goals for the rest of 2011. Shifting my focus a little, but still planning on kicking some butt for the rest of this year. Let's not let the year go out with a pfffffffft! Instead let's send it out with some celebration. Celebration of goals reached!

I hope you'll all join me in making some goals, making a game plan to reach those goals, and then celebrating our accomplishments as we ring in the new year!

My goals for the rest of October:
  1. Work on improving my mile time. I hurt my hip when I trained for and ran my marathon. I had to take quite a bit of time off back then, but since then it hasn't bothered me. Until now. It's acting up again. Because of this too much repetitive movement is just NOT my friend right now. Instead of giving up on my running I'm focusing on short and intense.
  2. Do at least 3 TOUGH cardio workouts a week. Insanity, Cathe, and the like. I have NOT been pushing myself lately. 
  3. Lift weights at least twice a week. I don't want to let this slip just because I'm also focusing on getting in some intense cardio.
  4. Yoga. I always let this one slide, but I want to make sure to include it at least once a week.
I've added a tab to my blog menu to track these goals, workouts, etc through the end of the year. After October I have some new goals planned to make it through the holiday insanity.

As I said yesterday, no weight goals for me. I will still be weighing in and taking my measurements every Wednesday (regular weigh in Wednesday posts will be back next week), I feel fine about tracking my progress, just no set goal numbers. 

How about you? Want to join me? How do you plan to finish 2011 strong?