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How To Lose Weight, Get Fit, and Be Healthy For The Rest of Your Life.

I tweeted this yesterday:

OK, if my start weight was 235 (best guess, wasn't weighing) I've lost 60 pounds so far...that I am celebrating today.

I tweeted it not to brag, but because I was trying to shift my focus. Trying to stop looking at the plateau I've been struggling with lately, to stop looking at the last 20 pounds or so I have to go and to truly appreciate how far I've come. To remember where I've come from and truly appreciate where I am. Which took me on a little trip down memory lane.

I remembered how miserable I was. I remembered how I didn't feel like 'me'. I remembered how I was embarrassed to go out in public or see anyone I knew. All the while going to food to comfort myself and making the entire situation worse.

I remembered every diet I tried. I remembered all the gadgets I'd bought. I remembered all the workouts I'd sweated through. Desperately hoping that each new thing would be it. The thing that would finally, once and for all help me lose all the weight and be 'me' again.

I've wandered down memory lane and thought a lot about this whole weight loss, getting fit, being healthy journey I've been on the last six years. (Yes, that's how long it's taken me to get this far.) Have I found the perfect answer? The magic bullet? The secret to weight loss? No. Has it been a perfect little downward line on a weight loss graph. Heck no. Have I fallen off the wagon? Um, yes. A lot. In fact, there were a few times that I not only fell off, but I set the damned thing on fire and shoved it off a cliff. But I got back up, I tried again. And that I think is the answer.

How do we lose weight? We keep trying. How do we get fit? We don't give up. How do we be healthy? We do our best, every day. And that really is it. We keep trying. We don't give up. We love ourselves enough to believe we deserve it. We put one foot in front of the other, over and over, as long as it takes. And when we stumble, when we downright do a canonball into a pool of peanut butter cup ice cream, we forgive ourselves and keep going. Over and over, however long it takes.