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You're Invited To The First... #paleochat

If you follow me on twitter you are likely aware that I'm fond of twitter chats. I am, I admit it. I realize that twitter by nature is meant for 'chatting', so why twitter chats? Well, because it's a specific time and date for people to get together and chat on a specific topic. Otherwise twitter is mostly hit and miss.

Lately I have found myself wishing there was a paleo-centric chat...and well, I finally just decided to start one!

The first ever #paleochat will be Thursday February 2, 2012 at 7:00 pm mountain time (6 pacific, 8 central, 9 eastern). 

To follow along simply search the hashtag #paleochat on twitter and add it to your tweets during the chat. Or (as I like to do) you can use and enter the hashtag, this will automatically also add the hashtag to your tweets.

I hope this can be a positive, supportive, informative chat for anyone following a paleo/primal lifestyle, or simply curious about them. To give structure to the chat I (@KerriOlkjer) will be asking questions in the usual twitter chat format Q1, Q2, etc. But please feel free to ask questions of the group, share, etc.

Comment below if you can make it!! Questions? Ask away.