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Review: The JumpSport Folding Fitness Trampoline - Model 350f

When I was in third or fourth grade my grandparents had one of those old rebounders, you remember the ones...the really stiff ones with the metal springs. We used to play on it as kids, but it was so stiff it was hard to get much of a bounce going. We became bored of it quickly, as did they. It mostly collected dust for them and eventually wound up in storage. I have to admit that when I was approached about receiving a Fitness Trampoline for review my mind immediately went back to that stiff, squeaky rebounder my grandparents had. I did a little research however and then happily agreed to review the JumpSport Folding Fitness Trampoline. This is not my grandparents rebounder!
Look ma! No springs.

Introducing the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 350f. A great way to get a full body workout that's fun! Moms, dads, kids and grandparents love how easily it folds - this means you can transport or store it away in seconds. Now you can get a great workout where and when you want it! It's lightweight and easy to carry - a big plus for Fitness Professionals and individuals looking for a versatile platform with a wide variety of exercises (as seen on our fitness DVDs). The 350f is stable, solid and quiet just like our non-folding models. The mat firmness is easily adjustable. Our patent-pending, arched legs provide an exceptionally stable and safe platform, compared to straight-leg rebounders. The model 350f legs can be easily removed without tools. The Model 350f includes our proprietary EnduroLast 4™ cords, which have been tested to over 4 million bounces. Now you can experience a wonderful stress-free bounce instead of the harsh, stress-full bounce your body feels on a steel coil spring rebounder in a folding unit. JumpSport® Fitness Trampolines, Where Fitness Meets Fun!™

I find all of this to be true, and then some; I'm quite smitten with the Fitness Trampoline. What I love:

  1. It's a fun new cardio option. As someone who works out strictly at home I am always on the hunt for fun new ways to keep my workouts fresh and not boring or repetitive. I love this for that. I find myself getting on it not just for a specified workout, but throughout the day. It's fun.
  2. The DVD that came with it. Now, in my experience many DVDs that come with fitness equipment are lame and useless. Not the case here. I love the DVD that came with this and especially the 20 minute cardio portion. It's a great workout! I burn about 150 calories when I do that segment. It's great to squeeze in on days when I don't have much time or to add it on to another workout for a little extra calorie burn. There is more to the DVD than just this cardio portion though. It also has core and strength portions. It's a very well-rounded DVD that shows the many ways you can use the Fitness Trampoline.
  3. My kids love it! This was an unexpected surprise. Not only is this great for me, but for my boys too. I homeschool my three boys. They're 17, 8, and 6. I'm big on teaching physical activity as part of our everyday lives. It's something we just do, like showering or brushing our teeth. However, we live in Colorado at just above 7000 feet and it can be tough during the winter. There are times that it is snowing 2 feet or the temp is below zero and getting outside and active is just not going to happen. This has been a life-saver.
  4. It folds. I love that it folds up and can easily be stowed in a closet or under a bed if company is coming. Honestly, we've only done that maybe twice since we got it. We tend to just leave it out in the living room because one of us is on it constantly. We bounce on it while watching netflix or you tube on the TV, the kids use it for their daily PE, I sneak in a little extra cardio here and there... But still, the option to fold it up and put it away is nice to have.
What I don't love:
  1. Um....fighting my kids for a turn? I try to be balanced about reviews, but honestly there's nothing I don't love about this.

This was easy to assemble and is easy to fold up. It's very sturdy and well-constructed. It's a great workout and can be used in a variety of ways. As I said, my family uses this constantly and loves it. I asked my 6 year old his favorite part about our new fitness trampoline, he said, "It's fun!" 'Nuff said. I give the JumpSport Folding Fitness Trampoline 5 stars and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun new way to shake up their cardio routine.

Disclaimer: I was sent the JumpSport Model 350f for review purposes. I receive no compensation for posting. As always opinions are 100% honest and my own.