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Back to Basics Paleo

I need a re-set.

The last month and a half more and more non-paleo things have been sneaking into my face. A little more whey protein than usual. A little fake sugar here and there. Some raw cheese. More Starbucks indulgences than usual. Oh yes, and there was ice cream. Funny how that happens when we're not paying attention. 

Lots of smoothies with whey protein powder happening lately.
Pancakes made from whey protein? Almost every morning lately.
Oh yes, and that is a little grass-fed butter on top.
Once or twice a month Starbucks have become once or twice a week!
Generally I eat pretty close to strict paleo. I feel better eating this way. Lately I've strayed a bit too much. I've noticed I don't feel as well, my energy is a little less than I'd like, and I've started having acne issues again. Also, I tend to struggle with seasonal depression and this is just not the time of year for me to be fooling around.

I need a paleo re-set. I'm going back strict paleo for at least 30 days.

Mostly that means I'll be completely cutting out dairy and the tiny bit of fake sugar that had snuck it's way back in. It's interesting with me and dairy: I can do a little, but too much and I start to break out and get sort of snarfly (I'm quite convinced that's the technical term for it even though spell check disagrees).

In order to give my best as a wife, homeschooling mom, wanna-be-farmer, chicken mama, goat wrangler...I need to take care of me.

Wish me luck?!

Wait...did I just say no whey protein or Starbucks for a MONTH? Oh. My.