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Paleo Pregnancy

I took a little flak for announcing to the world (and my husband) that I was pregnant via instagram.  Oh, and twitter, and facebook...
Pregnancy changes things. It just does. Our bodies change. Our wardrobe changes. Everything from our priorities to our tastes can change during pregnancy. And, well, when you're a fitness blogger, your blog can't help but change as well!

I didn't want it to be all preggers all the time around here, so I've decided to corral those posts to one day a week. Every Wednesday from now until baby time will be dedicated to posts on having a happy, healthy, fit, and paleo pregnancy. I've added a menu tab 'Paleo Pregnancy' to make it easy to find these posts in the future. I'll be doing paleo pregnancy vlogs, posts on pregnancy and baby related products, and having some awesome guest posts on staying healthy and fit throughout pregnancy.

A little pinterest humor.

My you tube channel will also be changing. Since moving to FitViews it's always bothered me that my you tube url still had katdoesdiets. I've had the FitViews channel for a while and was waiting for the right time to 'move' my channel. Now seems good! So, from now on my regular videos, monthly favorites, reviews, and health/fitness related videos will be uploaded there. (Please subscribe!)

My current channel will become my vlog channel, which from now until baby time will all be pregnancy and baby related. 

And for those of you who are bored to tears hearing about someone else's pregnancy...I hope to have a new yummy paleo recipe up next Monday and some new workout reviews after that!