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My Paleo Pregnancy - Week 16

This week I feel like I've really hit my stride, so to speak, with this pregnancy. 

I had my first appointment with my midwife (who is awesome) last week and somehow that made me relax into things more. Not sure why, but it was much needed. I think possibly that I'm just such a planner and that was a big missing piece.

I started a more regular workout routine this week. I'll be doing the strength training DVDs from ChaLEAN Extreme on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then some from of cardio two or three days a week along with that. Also, I'll be trying to fit in yoga here and there. It feels great to have some structure to my workouts again.

Best sports bra ever.
I ordered a new purple Enell. All of my sports bras are too small. Enell is a must-have pregnancy item for me. Hmmm, that may be a post: must-have items for a fit pregnancy...

Last week's meal plan.
My eating has been much improved. With the nausea completely passed, and fatigue being much less frequent I'm back to my more normal Paleo diet. I've begun meal planning again and doing more of the shopping myself. Planning is so important with Paleo and the lack of it was really taking its toll on my families eating!

Oh yes, and this is back:

I'm having a half of a cup of coffee a day (sometimes a full cup) again. I won't lie, it's bliss.
We've decided we will do an ultrasound. As we're paying for everything out of pocket we had been on the fence about that, but again I'm such a planner I want to know what color I'm buying! That should be in February and I'm super excited for it.

Oh yes, and dearest Tracey, this is for you: