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#Whole30 Week 1 Recap


Week one of doing The Whole30 pregnant surprised me. I went into this thinking it would be a piece of cake (not real cake of course). As I was already eating Paleo I expected no withdrawal symptoms, no bumps at all really. I expected to clean up my diet a little and go on my merry little way.

Uh, wake up call. My diet had definitely strayed farther than I realized! If for no other reason than shining a light on that this Whole30 is worth it.

My eats for the week looked something like this:

Whole30 Breakfasts
Coffee with my Paleo creamer recipe. Kept before noon of course.
Most mornings were eggs from my chickens with veggies, fruit, and some good fats.

This was my I'm-too-lazy-to-cook morning. I was glad I'd boiled 2 dozen eggs on Sunday.
Whole30 Lunches
My Paleo tuna salad with baby spinach and a pink lady apple. Yum. Love this easy lunch.
Paleo egg salad with baby spinach and a mandarin. This recipe will be up soon. So good.
Whole30 Dinners
A new recipe I'm working on. Slow cooker chicken and cauliflower curry.
Roast (grass-fed of course) with salad.
Slow cooker beef with broccoli. I used my slow cooker a lot. Awesome time-saver.
I love this post explaining the timeline of symptoms you can expect on Whole30:

I did experience a bit of a headache on day 2 and a wee bit of 'kill all the things' on day 5. I was shocked, but like I said a needed wake up call. Other than that the week was awesome.

This week's Whole30 menu plan:

How about is your Whole30 going? If you haven't tried it yet, will you?