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Body Revolution - Round 2 #BodyAfterBaby #WhatsBeautiful #iWill

I've been loving the 30 Day Push Challenge (book and online) that I've been doing. It's really made me think hard about things in all areas of my life; from my health to my blog it's really brought focus.

Back in my life are things like goal-setting, to-do list making, and frog eating. I definitely recommend the book (I would say a bit more of a health/fitness/weight loss slant) or the online challenge (great for more general life-stuff).

One thing Chalene talks about in the book is a soulmate workout. Now, I'm one of those weirdos that enjoys working out. It's been really tough on me to feel out of shape to the point that I can't do the workouts I normally enjoy. So when thinking about a 'soulmate' workout I couldn't narrow it down.

Basically I love anything intense. HIIT, plyo, tabata, running (especially sprints or speed intervals), heavy weights... On and on. I couldn't pin one specific workout down.

Then today I had this thought: sometimes you just have to go with what you know works. 

If you've read my blog for long you probably know where this is going...

My well-worn, well-loved Body Revolution set.
Last summer while doing Body Revolution (alongside Paleo eating) I reached the lowest weight I'd been in my adult life. It worked for me.

I've decided to revisit Body Revolution. Not as structured as I did last time. I'll be listening to my postpartum body and adjusting as needed and obviously not taking my calories as low since I'm breastfeeding. I'll also be replacing some of the cardio with runs, because...

I know that I do so much better within a community setting. SO I've decided to declare a goal on the What's Beautiful site. I WILL get back into 5k shape post-baby.

For the first time in quite a while I'm excited about this process. And THAT feels awesome.

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