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Fitness Fashion Review: MARIKA

Disclaimer: Marika sent me this outfit for review purposes.
Last time I was working on losing baby weight it took me a very long time to buy new workout clothes. I made do with what I could squeeze into, I borrowed my husbands t-shirts, I didn't think it mattered.

Then, even though I wasn't at my goal weight, I bought some cute workout clothesLet me tell you: IT MATTERS.

Not only do good workout clothes simply perform better, but they also change my entire attitude. I FEEL better in cute workout clothes. Sorry, not sorry.

Since that epiphany I will always have fitness clothes that fit. Whether I'm at my 'goal' or not. It's so worth it; I'm so worth it.

Recently Marika sent me the following to review:

I have to say I love them all, but I'm obsessed with the capris! I can't gush enough about them. The fabric is amazing, the fit is perfect, they have a key pocket in the waistband, and are they ever cuuuute... I. Love. These. Capris.

They also come in purple. I definitely need these next.
The tech tee is the perfect for my preferences. It's long enough, but not too long. The sleeves aren't cap sleeves (I hate when the sleeves are too short), they hit at the perfect length. It doesn't cling, but it's not too baggy either. It's lightweight so I don't overheat. Perfect. Plus, the color is awesome. I love the bit of contrast in the seams and the triangle on the back. 

The sports bra is super cute and comfy too. It's well constructed and adjusts at the band which is awesome for a pullover style. Although it is their high impact bra, if you're larger chested like me you may not want it for plyo or sprints, etc. (Though I know everyone is different, I tend to prefer really constricting bras for those activities.) 

I have to say I'm impressed with what I've tried from Marika so far and I've already been perusing their site drooling over more. 

I will definitely be rocking this entire outfit again and again in my Body After Baby quest. A little cute fitness fashion = tons of workout  motivation for me!  
Do you procrastinate buying good workout clothes when you're not at your happy weight?

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