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Tracking Progress: Goal Outfit VS The Scale

A while back NUX USA featured me as Inspirational Woman of the Week during their Fit Mom's Month. (A huge thank you to NUX for choosing me, I was honored). 

Are you following NUX USA on instagram?
As part of that they sent me a beautiful NUX outfit.
Isn't it gorgeous?! The fabric is so soft. Did you know NUX is made in the USA? Love that.
Even though I was pregnant at the time and knew full well I wouldn't be my regular size immediately post-baby I chose to have them send it in my regular size.


To track my progress.

Yes, I weigh, I measure, I track my progress in many ways. But...

There's just nothing like having that GOAL OUTFIT.

A goal outfit calls to me. It entices me in a way the scale cannot. "You know you want to wear me," it says. "We'll have such a wonderful time doing yoga together," it coaxes. "You and I are going to look so amazing together," it tempts. Somehow it manages to keep my mindset in a more positive place than scale watching.

A goal outfit also makes the finish line so much more tangible than some number floating out in space. I can see where I'm going with a goal outfit. I can try it on and see how far I've come, how far I need to go. 

To me having a goal outfit is just all around a more positive way to track my progress than only focusing on the scale. We all know how the scale can mess with our heads!

How do you track your progress? Do you have a goal outfit?

I will rock that outfit. Just you wait. Oh yes, there will be pics...

PS like NUX on Facebook. They shared this preview of their fall collection:
One word: droolworthy!