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xoxo, Kerri O.

Losing the Baby Weight - Body After Baby 16 Week Check-In

I've decided to only do measurements every 4 weeks. Since I hadn't taken them since week 12 I'm pretty excited to see the progress I'm making! I'll get to my weekly weight and stats first...

Weight: starting-196 current-191.6
Bust: starting-44.5 current-43.5
Waist: starting-37 current-36
Hips: starting-44 current-43.5
Clothing Size: starting-13/14 current-so close to a 12!

Now we're talking! I definitely feel in a fat loss groove. 

Size 12?!
Forever ago (OK, it's only been a year-ish, but it seems like a lifetime ago), when I reached a size 8, I gave away all of my bigger sizes. I didn't want to keep the 'safety net' clothes. Just didn't seem like a good mindset for me. BUT, I did keep a pair of size 12 jeans that were my 'before Paleo' jeans. Not going to lie, right now I'm so glad I did that. I wore them yesterday (they're a tad tight). Yes, that felt pretty good.

Jillian Michael's DietBet 
I didn't lose as much as I'…

Functional Fitness Training: At-Home Kettlebell Workout

Disclaimer: Rage Fitness sent me a kettlebell and Dick's Sporting Goods provided me with the video below.
Why do I want to be fit?

The purpose of fitness in my life has evolved quite a bit the past few years. While fitness was once simply about burning calories, it's about much more these days. Yes, yes I'm focused on losing the baby weight right now, but I don't workout simply to get skinny. I workout so that I can run, jump, and play with my kids for years to come. I workout so that I can throw a 50 lb bag of chicken feed over my shoulder and carry it from the car. I workout so that I can haul a 60 lb hay bale across the field and throw it on the trailer. Our homesteading shenanigans demand that I'm able to work hard in my daily life. Unfortunately, since having Baby O, I'm not quite up to par for many of these tasks. Functional fitness can help me with all of that.

What is functional fitness training?

To me, functional fitness is training for life

Functional fi…

Body After Baby - Losing the Baby Weight - 15 Weeks Postpartum Weigh in

15 Weeks?! Oh. My. 

There may have been a bit of a freak-out in these parts recently. It hit me that 2013 is coming to a close soon and I'm NOT content with the effort I've been putting forth in many areas of my life. I am NOT letting the year close without doing something about that. 

Consequently I've been working on some year-end goals. Goals for my health and fitness as well as for my blog business and some other family goals. Even with the holidays looming there's so much I still want to accomplish before the New Year!

DietBet Update
I weighed in Sunday for an unofficial DietBet weigh in...


Not bad. Progress FINALLY!

When I log on to DietBet it tells me I have 14 days to lose 4.2 pounds. Totally doable.

After hearing Chalene Johnson talk about rewarding ourselves for meeting goals (in her 30 Day Push online challenge) I decided that was something I wanted to try. I've never really done that sort of thing. SO, if I meet my DietBet goal:

THESE will be mine! I'v…

Paleo-Friendly Halloween Treats: Dark Chocolate Almond Bites

Disclaimer: Blue Diamond sent me the almonds that were inspiration for this recipe.
This is a super easy Paleo treat recipe.

For these Dark Chocolate Almond Bites you will need:
1 Cup Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds 2 Bars Alter Eco Blackout Coconut oil Candy Molds or waxed paper (I used Jell-O molds I had from the days I used to make Jell-O Jigglers for Halloween)

In your double boiler (or fancy like me and a saucepan filled less than half with water and a mixing bowl on top):

Break up the Alter Eco Blackout chocolate and melt.

Stirring as needed. 

Next, rough chop the Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds. (You can chop them finer, but I prefer them really chunky for this.)

Remove the chocolate from heat once melted and stir in the almonds.

Grease your molds with the coconut oil and add in the chocolate mixture. (If you don't have candy molds you can just make 'drops' on waxed paper.) Put filled molds in the refrigerator for about an hour.

And done!

For more Paleo Halloween fun check …

Paleo Pops: Kid-Friendly Halloween Treats

Disclaimer: Blue Diamond provided the almonds that were inspiration for this post.
What do Paleo families do about Halloween? Well, I can't speak for all Paleo families, but I can speak for mine! 
Our kids do go trick or treating to a few houses of friends and family. They are allowed to keep (and eat) a bit of the very non-Paleo candy as well. However, they are also provided with plenty of Paleo-friendly treats around here. Hubby and I choose to stick to only the Paleo-friendly treats.
OK, enough, chit-chat...
For these Paleo Pops you will need:

2 Cups Whole Natural Blue Diamond Almonds 2 Tablespoons Raw Local Honey 1 1/2 Bars Alter-Eco Blackout Chocolate (use your favorite, but I prefer this brand as it's the cleanest I've found. They are 2.82 ounces) Lollipop sticks (I found mine at Hobby Lobby) Parchment or Waxed Paper and a try or cookie sheet
If you choose to decorate you will need: Plastic Wrap Black and White Tissue Paper Black Pipe Cleaners Wiggly Eyes String or White Floral Wir…