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Body After Baby - Losing the Baby Weight - 15 Weeks Postpartum Weigh in

Body After Baby Series Week 15

15 Weeks?! Oh. My. 

There may have been a bit of a freak-out in these parts recently. It hit me that 2013 is coming to a close soon and I'm NOT content with the effort I've been putting forth in many areas of my life. I am NOT letting the year close without doing something about that. 

Consequently I've been working on some year-end goals. Goals for my health and fitness as well as for my blog business and some other family goals. Even with the holidays looming there's so much I still want to accomplish before the New Year!

DietBet Update
I weighed in Sunday for an unofficial DietBet weigh in...


Not bad. Progress FINALLY!

When I log on to DietBet it tells me I have 14 days to lose 4.2 pounds. Totally doable.

After hearing Chalene Johnson talk about rewarding ourselves for meeting goals (in her 30 Day Push online challenge) I decided that was something I wanted to try. I've never really done that sort of thing. SO, if I meet my DietBet goal:

My incentive.
THESE will be mine! I've been drooling over these shoes for so so long. Seriously, some of the sizes are selling out. Fingers crossed there are still 9's in 2 weeks!

Lane Shift
I've decided there will be a bit of a lane shift with my workouts. No issues with Body Revolution, I just want to do something different for a while. 

First, as a fitness blogger, I get sent tons of DVDs to review. And since FitViews was originally a play on fitness reviews...well, there needs to be some more of that around here! I will be working on getting more DVD reviews up the next few weeks. I'm also going to start a new series on my You Tube channel called Rapid Reviews. A complete DVD review in under 2 minutes. You know how I love to talk, wish me luck with that!


The awesome folks at RAGE Fitness sent me a kettlebell. I do believe there is going to be more functional fitness in my life. Oh. Yes. More on that Monday.

And third: there needs to be more running. If I'm going to meet my What's Beautiful goal there needs to be more focus on my running. Lately when everything doesn't fall into place perfectly I have skipped runs and done something else.

It's ON
My major epiphany for the week has been this: I have not been giving my best in several areas of my life. No more coasting. It's. ON.

I'm curious, do you set up rewards for reaching your goals?