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Losing the Baby Weight - Body After Baby 16 Week Check-In

Body After Baby Series

I've decided to only do measurements every 4 weeks. Since I hadn't taken them since week 12 I'm pretty excited to see the progress I'm making! I'll get to my weekly weight and stats first...

Weight: starting-196 current-191.6
Bust: starting-44.5 current-43.5
Waist: starting-37 current-36
Hips: starting-44 current-43.5
Clothing Size: starting-13/14 current-so close to a 12!

Now we're talking! I definitely feel in a fat loss groove. 

Size 12?!
Forever ago (OK, it's only been a year-ish, but it seems like a lifetime ago), when I reached a size 8, I gave away all of my bigger sizes. I didn't want to keep the 'safety net' clothes. Just didn't seem like a good mindset for me. BUT, I did keep a pair of size 12 jeans that were my 'before Paleo' jeans. Not going to lie, right now I'm so glad I did that. I wore them yesterday (they're a tad tight). Yes, that felt pretty good.

Jillian Michael's DietBet 
I didn't lose as much as I'd hoped this week and have 3.2 pounds left to win my DietBet. That will be a challenge, but I'm going to give it all I've got! Mostly because I want the shoes. Yes, pink running shoes motivate me, who knew? But also because I set a goal with that dietbet and I don't want to give it all I've got.

2013 Year-End Goals
I've mentioned I was making some year-end goals and thought I'd share them here for accountability! 

170 pounds. There's roughly 10 weeks until 2014. My goal is to lose 2 pounds a week through the end of the year. I've been very gentle with myself this first 16 weeks. My main focus has been on letting my body adjust and heal post-baby. While this is a big goal I feel totally up to it. I'm getting sleep, my body is getting stronger (can we celebrate that I did a proper burpee for the first time post-baby the other day??), and I just all around feel ready to kick some butt!

3 miles. Since resuming running post-baby I've only ran a mile non-stop. I can do intervals for 2 or 3 miles, but I want to run non-stop for 3 miles by 2014. No focus on how fast, just RUN the whole 3 miles. I'm actually a little sad that I have to make that goal. I made a goal years ago to always be in shape to run a 5k whenever I wanted. BUT, I am where I am. I WILL get back.

200,000. I don't usually share much behind the scenes blog/business stuff, but I want to share this. I have a goal to hit 200,000 pageviews on FitViews in January. This is a year-end goal because I have to put in the work now for that goal to come to fruition in January. I've never hit the 200,000 mark in a month and want to crush it in January. (Come back and visit in January?)

When the ball drops for 2014 what do you want to look back and be proud of?