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My 2015 Fit GOALS #WERK

Yesterday I shared my system for setting and achieving health, fitness, and weight loss related goals. I really, really, really believe in goal setting. You wouldn't believe the changes I've seen in my life since I started setting (and working daily on) goals. 

Today I thought I'd share my fit GOALS for 2015.

  1. 145 pounds. I don't generally set scale goals. In fact, pre-baby I didn't really believe in goal weights (I was about 155 pre-Baby O.). I figured I'd know when I was at my happy weight and didn't want to add pressure. I still feel that way... BUT. I just want to. I want to try. I want to see what 145 looks like/feels like. I want to push myself and see. I'll keep you posted how I do having a goal weight...
  2. Rock a 5k. My running has straight up gotten the shaft since about 36 weeks into my pregnancy. I still haven't gotten back into my running groove. I want that. So, I'm focused on 5k training (though I may extend that to half training depending how the year goes). I want to feel confident about a 5k again!
  3. Try new things! There's a lot to be said for doing what works for you, but I can tend to get in quite the rut. In 2015 I want to try new things in fitness. I don't have anything in mind yet, but just the very notion excites me.

That's it. Just 3 health, fitness, running, and weight loss related goals this year. I have some huge work/income/blog related goals this year that will be a main focus for me. So, it's all about balance and not overwhelming or overstretching myself.

I read somewhere the other day that we should not only write our goals out, but re-write them DAILY. I kind of like that...

What are your 2015 health, fitness, running, or weight loss related goals?? If you have a post on this please share your link with me!