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Jillian Michaels BodyShred Weeks 1 and 2 Ignite + What Fit Means to Me

I was sent the BodyShred set for review. As always opinions are 100% honest and my own.

Two weeks into BodyShred and I have to say I am so glad I started this program. I'm thriving on the routine, feeling stronger, and seeing results. Woohoo!

Before I discuss my first two weeks on the program (and results), I want to talk a little bit about what being fit means to me. I mentioned on Instagram today that the thing I missed most in this whole body after baby process was feeling strong and capable to take on whatever life throws my way. While I feel mentally strong, I am definitely NOT physically strong right now. I miss feeling that way.

Currently we're living in a small rental house, but we're looking at a house on 10 acres (send a little prayer our way!). That move will mean getting back to my normal way of life. Including things like needing to haul around 50 lbs of chicken feed. I need to be strong.

Also, I want to be strong for my family. Of course, I want to be a good example and keep up with my kids for years to come. But also, I want to be strong for my husband. I've mentioned here before that he has narcolepsy. Many hear that and vaguely remember some movie they saw. Few fully grasp what it means in my life.

Yes, he takes more naps than most, but also with his narcolepsy comes cataplexy. You see, with cataplexy, strong emotion can cause complete loss of muscle control for him. So, a funny joke can cause my strong amazing husband to fall to the floor. It's sort of a slow collapse to the floor. In the past, I could see these coming if I was near and sort of help guide him safely to the floor. 

Eating Paleo has been amazing for him and we see these episodes of cataplexy rarely (where they used to be almost daily). I'm thankful for that. However, if he gets a little off his Paleo eating or runs out of his medicine or just gets overtired we do still see them. Here's my point:

It REALLY bugs me that in my current physical state I would likely hurt myself if I had to help my husband with an episode of cataplexy right now. No bueno.

I realize most people do not have the need to ease a 200 lb man to the floor, but I'm sure we can all relate with wanting to feel strong and capable for the things life throws at us. That's what fit means to me. 

I want to be fit again.

OK, now to my first two weeks on BodyShred...

The Workouts
The first two weeks of BodyShred is the Ignite phase. There are 6 days of workouts alternating between push muscles, pull muscles, and straight cardio days. Weeks 1 and 2 use the Launch, Rise, and Fire Up DVDs. 

I was a bit intimidated the first week (silly!) and must confess I went a little too easy on myself. Definitely in no way pushed it. However, by week two I was feeling more confident and was pleasantly surprised at what I could accomplish. I was also feeling stronger already! I needed to do the modified moves much less, moved up to my 8 lb weights for some moves, and definitely have seen progress. This is what I'm here for. This is what I'm most excited to see.

The Food Plan
The meal plan for me is roughly 1400 calories, unlimited greens, and overall seems pretty balanced. Being Paleo I have to swap a few carbs around (since I don't eat grains), but it hasn't been a big deal. In fact, I'm really liking some of the recipes.

The Results
Now to the numbers. As with feeling stronger and more fit, I'm also pleasantly surprised with the scale/measurement results I'm seeing already. 
Week 2 stats:

While I was thrilled to see the scale go down, the inches amazed me!

On to week 3 and the Accelerate phase!!

How about you, what does fit mean to you??

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