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Outsmarting a Sedentary Lifestyle

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Garmin through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about vívofit 2, all opinions are my own.

You’ve been seeing a whole lot of pictures like these from me lately. I have a confession: I’ve been backsliding, gaining weight back since we started back to homeschool this fall. This has been beyond frustrating. OK, let me back up for those who don’t know the whole story…

I’ve struggled with getting back into shape since baby #4. At around the 2 year point post-baby I thought I was getting into a good groove, but then we moved to Idaho from Colorado. We went from a bigger house with acreage to a tiny house with a teeny tiny backyard; from animals, chores, hikes… to having to make an effort to be active.

As a family we did better during the summer months; we made a point to get to the park more and walked the river several times a week. We explored our new area, went to Craters of the Moon, the zoo, and Yellowstone. However, since our homeschool year has started and the cold weather set in I just haven’t been as active.

It probably shouldn’t have been a surprise to me that I was gaining weight. I’ve become much more sedentary. Thing is, I was grooving along, doing my morning workouts, tracking my food, thinking things were great. I didn’t even realize how sedentary I’d become.

Then, the scale started going back up and I couldn’t figure out why. Frustration! I changed my workouts, cleaned up my diet a little (whined to my husband about how hard I was working a little). Nothing. It wasn’t until I started wearing an activity tracker consistently that I figured out what was going on. Before the move, back in Colorado, I used to average 12,000 steps a day. Post-Move…

Oh. No. These were mid-day. I was averaging 4 to 6k steps a day! That’s a big change for me.

I’ve always believed that as long as I was doing my morning workout and watching my diet I was golden. Not so much. I realized that I have to look at the bigger picture. Note to self…

Looking at the big picture of my overall fitness and activity was something I never really thought about until my vívofit 2. Now, I’m currently quite obsessed with data from my activity tracker (OK, I’ve always loved numbers). I love looking at my steps, sleep, and miles. It’s been quite an eye-opener. 

Not only was I not getting in the activity I was used to, but I was also greatly overestimating my caloric needs. Whenever I’d use one of those online calculators to estimate my daily calorie needs I always just estimated that I was moderately active (or very active, oops). But that wasn’t true! I should have been putting myself in the sedentary category. A category I don’t want to be in, I might add.

Since discovering this I’ve been working hard to outsmart a sedentary lifestyle. I’ve used the info from my vívofit 2 to make some simple adjustments. I’ve tweaked my daily calorie intake and I’ve upped my efforts to get in steps wherever I can. I march in place while I’m making dinner. I pace around if I’m on the phone or social media. I work in walks with the kids whenever weather permits and walk DVDs have become a lifesaver on days the weather is terrible.

I’m happy to say I’m now firmly back on track with my body after baby efforts.

Phew! I’m so glad to figure that out. My goal now is to keep improving. Every day I want to beat yesterday! I’d like to get back to that sweet spot of 12 to 15k daily steps. That’s where I was feeling best about my fitness and having the best results.

I’ve become quite smitten with my vívofit 2 in the process. We’re never apart.

What I love about the vívofit 2 vs other trackers I’ve tried:

  • No being tethered to my desktop! I love this. Madly. It has a regular watch battery that lasts a year+. No need for constant charging. It also syncs directly with the app on my phone. No need to plug it in to see my stats (though it has this option if you prefer that). Heaven for this busy mama. Seriously.
  • Fun colors. I’m so over boring black trackers. I love the variety of colors the vívofit 2 comes in. I have the pink and also the JonathanAdler + Garmin The Newport Trio. Love them. Add to that the fun accessory bands you can order… I’m having a blast.
  • Options. I love how customizable this tracker is. Not only can you swap the bands (which is very easy to do), but you can also adjust the device settings easily using the app. From there you can change which screens it will scroll through, what the home screen is, set it for alert tones or silent, and more. I love being able to set this tracker up exactly as I find most useful.

Like I said, I’m smitten. My vívofit 2 and I have become inseparable. I have eyes for no other tracker. But, I do have eyes for more bands! What do you think? Which set should I ask Santa for??

How about you? Have you found your daily steps sweet spot?