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Staying Active With Our Pets in Winter #HealthierTogether

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Winter can be a really tough time to remain active. As the temps drop down and the snow piles up I find myself struggling just to get my daily steps in. I notice the struggle not only in myself, but in my entire family and even in our pets. Left to our own devices we would all be less active in winter. I find it's even more important to be intentional about our activity levels during the winter. To be diligent about seeking activity out. To get creative.

3 Tips to Stay Active During Winter

  1. Wear an activity tracker to keep you mindful of your activity level.
  2. Get outside whenever it's warm enough. Walk, hike, run, go sledding, play in the snow. Whatever you do, when the sun peeks out, go do it!
  3. Have indoor activities available. A treadmill, a mini trampoline, or an exercise bike are all good choices.

Our pets need to stay active in the winter months too. Whether they're indoor only or indoor/outdoor, it's our job to help them get the physical activity their bodies crave.

As for my family, we get outside and get active whenever we can. Idaho can be pretty cold and gray, but when that sun comes out we take advantage of it! We love to take walks and just play in the snow. The cats love to join us.

Every day we still have to do the chores, no matter the weather. Every little bit of activity adds up! When it's warm enough the cats love to go out with us. They follow us around while we feed the cows, chickens, and goats. They climb wooden posts, chase each other around, and generally kick up a ruckus.

When it's just too cold to get outside, it's important to have other options available. For us we have a treadmill, exercise bike, mini trampoline, and dueling basketball hoops. There's no excuse for us not to get active! As for our pets, I find pet toys to be a must during the cold winter months. Pet toys are much more than something silly, fun, or even frivolous that we buy our spoiled pets. They are a necessity. Simply playing with our cats with their toys is the best way I've found to keep our cats active on days it's simply too cold to get outside.

Of course staying healthy in winter is more than just physical activity, it's nutrition too. Personally, when I know keeping my daily activity up is going to be a struggle, whether it's because of winter weather or a vacation or whatever, I tend to focus even more on keeping my nutrition tight. I think that translates to my pets too. Winter seems an even more important time to get them good nutrition without the junk.

Nulo helps us do just that. Nulo Pet Food is a premium pet food available at Pet Smart nationwide. Nulo is pet nutrition inspired by world class athletes. It provides exactly what I believe my cats need most, without the junk they don't. 

Why I believe Nulo is better pet nutrition:

  • Nulo provides a protein rich diet with industry leading animal-based protein levels that nourish growth, repair muscle and tissue, and enhance flavor.
  • Nulo is lower in carbs promoting lean body mass.
  • Nulo's patented probiotic, BC30, supports my cat's immune system, provides improved nutrient absorbtion, reduces gas and improves stool quality, and prevents growth of yeast organisms that may cause skin problems and ear infections. It also survives the cooking process (kind of an important little detail!).
  • Nulo is grain-free pet food and contains low glycemic carbs

And, yes, Nulo makes dog food as well! That is also available at Petsmart.

A little mindfulness of our activity levels and some great nutrition and we'll all be Healthier Together this winter!

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How do you live Healthier Together with your pets during the cold winter months?

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