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Built For Her Phase 1 (Renew) Recap

 I was provided a copy of Built for Her for review purposes. As always opinions are 100% honest and my own!

Built for Her Review and Results

If you follow me on Instagram you heard that I'm blogging through a new program. This year my focus is on being consistent and I didn't want to lose the momentum I gained from my streak at the beginning of the year. I was struggling a bit on my own though, and had completely plateaued after losing about 10 pounds. It seemed to me that I needed something more structured. Something different. I generally thrive on a plan, I know this about myself, so I started hunting for a new plan.

After much research (you know me), and looking around, I reached out to Amber Dodzweit about reviewing her new program. I follow Amber on Instagram and just love everything she's about (seriously, if you don't follow her you definitely should). Her attitude and approach are just different.

It was funny because I didn't even know Amber had programs available until another friend on IG mentioned them right when I was really not liking the options I was finding in my research. It was meant to be... So, two weeks ago I started Amber Dodzweit's new 12 week program Built for Her.

From Amber's site, Built for Her is...

  • A 12 week, 4 Phase Complete Training and Nutrition Ebook 
  • Can be completed at home with Dumbbells
  • Macronutrient Calculator
  • Community Support
  • Group Coaching with Amber
  • Online Exercise Videos
  • Program Increases in Difficulty as you Grow
  • Designed to Burn Fat and Build Lean Muscle
  • Formulated to Increase Athleticism, Endurance, Speed & Power

I've seen a lot of these online programs and have been super curious about them, but had never tried one. I always wondered if they were worth it?? In the past I've only done programs that came in DVD or book form. I love the idea of instant access to a program online though, and many include everything you need via download or online access. I'm not sure why a physical product shipping to me felt different. Anyway, I'm so glad I stepped outside of my box because (spoiler alert?) I LOVE this program.

The nutrition portion of Built for Her is so much more individualized than I'm used to from programs. I'm used to the one-size-fits-all, blanket recommendations. This plan is so much more customized. It takes into account your goals, body type, etc. THEN calculates your calories and macro nutrient recommendations. Also, it all adjusts throughout the program. I'm really excited to see how my body responds to the various macros of the different phases.

The workouts also change throughout the phases and are different than what I'm used to. They look awesome! The first two weeks are lighter, but the workouts, intervals, HIIT, and circuits for the rest of the program look challenging (in a good way) and I'm so excited for them.

Built for Her Review and Results

OK, my first two weeks...

The first phase of Built for Her is called Renew. It's meant to be the detox phase of the program and it is two weeks long. Now, don't hear detox and think crazy 2 week juice cleanse or something. It definitely wasn't that. In fact, being paleo it wasn't a huge change for me. It cuts a few things out, ups your water, has a special morning smoothie recipe, etc. I obviously won't give away everything that the plan calls for, or why would anyone buy it? LOL. But I will say I had added in more dairy since the first of the year when I went low carb and that was all I really missed in this phase.

It took me a couple of days to adjust and to nail the macros. I struggled a bit the first 2 days trying to figure out what meals worked for me to hit my specific percentages. THEN...

Energy for DAYS! I'm getting up earlier on my own, getting more done, and not having an afternoon energy slump. So. Much. Energy. I have no idea what exactly about this phase caused this, but I have SO MUCH ENERGY. I had been feeling pretty sluggish/run-down, but I haven't felt THIS good in ages. It's crazy. Crazy good and I am grateful.

The workouts were lighter this two weeks than they will be the rest of the plan. There were 4 cardio days 30 minute each and one body weight circuit day per week. 2 rest days? What? What? They were no cake walk, but nothing crazy hardcore either. Just right I thought.

OK, let's talk numbers. I've taken my weight and all my measurements and will be sharing progress throughout each phase of the 12 week program. (I'll share before and after pics for the entire program in my final review, yikes!) Now, it's just the first 2 weeks of the program, but I'm kind of amazed already...

Built for Her Renew Phase Results


Bust, Thigh, and Upper Arm stayed the same.
Waist: -1/2 inch
Hips -1 inch (I measured 3 times, lol!)

OK, the crazy part of these results? The calories were virtually identical to what I've been doing since January and the workouts for the first 2 weeks were slightly less than what I was doing. I was completely shocked (and thrilled) with these results! I firmly believe the magic is in Amber's nutrition recommendations. Macros, timing, etc. It's different than any approach I have tried before.

This might sound strange, but I felt like I caught a glimpse of myself this last week. Of MEMe, me. I've wandered off a bit you see. Since regaining weight. This week I caught a glimpse of real me. The me that's up early to workout. The me cramming as much spinach as she can into a smoothie in the morning just because it's good for me. The fit, strong, healthy me that takes care of herself. The me that has crazy fitness goals just to push herself. Me. It was nice.

I'm super excited for the next phase of Built for Her. As the results for Renew practically shout, I'm doing really well on Amber's nutrition recommendations. The macros and calories change a bit this phase and I'm excited to see how that goes. Also, the workouts look like quite a challenge and I'm ready for it! I'll be back in 3 weeks with more...

Have you ever tried a program that was online/download instead of something shipped to you?


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