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I have always been insecure. Many people in my life are shocked to hear that, but it's true. 

Insecure about my looks, my weight, my writing, my mothering, and most of all how others view me. Lately I have felt like I am really overcoming all that, kicking butt, becoming comfortable in my own skin...but then it sneaks up on me out of nowhere. Someone unfollows me on Twitter, or someone gives me a weird look at the store, or a blog post doesn't get many comments...and I'm that insecure high school girl again. They don't like me, why don't they like me, did I say something, did I do something??? Yikes, it hits my like a sucker punch in the stomach. 

And I hate it! 

I feel like that insecure girl in those moments, but I am a 33 year old woman who has done and will do much in my life. I have a great life. I have huge goals. I have an awesomely supportive husband, great friends, great kids, a passion for writing, yada yada. The list goes on. So why is it that these little seemingly insignificant things still reduce me to an insecure puddle?

I had one of those moments just now (Tuesday night as I write this)...I then announced on Twitter that I rock. More of a positive affirmation than anything, LOL. 

I think we should all remind ourselves of that daily. We are the one and only us, and we rock. 

I'm not perfect, but I am pretty great. I obviously don't mean that in a prideful way. I just mean that I try my best in life and shouldn't let someone else's opinions and actions trigger that less-than feeling in myself! 

I guess it's still a battle. One thing is certain. Just losing weight doesn't cure it all. Darn.

What makes you feel insecure? How do you deal with that feeling when it comes up?