Speed Work Anyone?

These shoes were made for racin'
For quite some time I have had no races on my calendar. None, zip, nada. 
Originally I had planned to do the Denver Rock n Roll Half. BUT...I didn't get registered before the price increase...AND I'm cheap...SO I doubt I'll do that one. Which leaves me with no races planned. Nothing to train for. 

I find that I just do better when I have a race planned. Something to train for, something to focus my training, something to spark that drive. It just makes a difference to me.

WELL, the other day I got a card in the mail that our local 5k will be September 10th. HOORAY! Just what I needed. This race was the first 5k I ever ran. It's right here where I live. It's perfect.

My goal is to set a PR (yes, I love goals). So far my fastest 5k was 32:50. I feel like I've gotten faster. I WANT to get faster. Enter: more speed work into my running routine!

Once a week I will be adding speed work at the track into my running/workout routine. I am also focused on getting a few pounds off before then. Less weight to carry means a faster me, just the facts.

I'm so excited to have a race on the calendar and a special goal for it! Time to start setting that alarm and stocking up on the Vita Coco. With this heat early runs are best for me and I love coconut water to stay hydrated.

How about you...any races on your calendar? What are your strategies for running in the heat?