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Return of the Running Bug

You might have been bitten by the running bug if...

  1. You have more running shoes in your closet than regular shoes.
  2. You craft your running playlists more carefully than most people craft the seating charts at their wedding.
  3. You watch Spirit of the Marathon on Netflix...for the 5 million and third time.
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  4. You lose hours pinning running gear to Pinterest.
    image via Pinterest
  5. You dream about running a 4:25 marathon and immediately upon waking start figuring out how hard you'd have to train to do that.
  6. You start having dreams about running.
  7. You spend more time on DailyMile than you do on Facebook.
  8. You can't stop registering for races.
  9. You tweet your friends asking which GPS watch is best (or shoes, or socks, or...).
  10. Your instagram feed is filled with people running races before most people are out of bed on the weekends.
  11. You're pretty sure you need that cool new pair of kicks. Really, you don't have that many pairs of running shoes...

It's official.

The running bug is BACK.

I've spent the last week drooling over gear...

UA Boyfriend Cap.
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I need that hat. Really, need.

Asics Lluca Long Sleeve Tee.
Image via
I haven't looked at Asics gear in a while. They have some seriously cute stuff, why hadn't I noticed this??

Asics Fit-Sana Long Sleeve Tee.
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Asics Performance Fun Capri.
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Do you have a GPS watch? Do I need a GPS watch? I want a GPS watch...

Nike+ SportWatch GPS.
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Garmin Forerunner 10.
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I signed up for one race and am pondering several more (several, like, you know, a million).

Seen on my run...
Hooray for Colorado sunshine!
This weekend I ran outside for the first time in over a year. It was bliss. 

It will be a journey back to my pre-baby running state, but it just feels good to be out there doing it. To WANT to do it.

Welcome back running bug, I've missed you.

Have you been bitten by the running bug? What races are on your calendar??