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Do Something Different

I think this was FitBloggin '11?
I love this time of year. Fitbloggin season. While I was unable to attend this year I still loved following everyone's instagram and facebook feeds, but most of all: I love the aftermath.

So many people on fire again. On fire for their blogging, fitness, and general healthy living. On fire for each other and this awesome community. I love watching people connecting and reconnecting with blogging friends. There's so much support, encouragement, and just I-get-you understanding. It's a great atmosphere to be a part of.

I've been perusing post-fitbloggin posts. Fitbloggin recaps as well as many posts on accountability, tough love, new starts, re-committing to their goals...

I love this time of year. It always inspires me to reignite my passion for blogging, fitness, and healthy living as well. 

I've been struggling since finishing the 21 Day Fix. It sort of messed with my mind a little. Brought back a bit of the old obsessive feeling. I took some time off, dealt with some life stuff, back-slid a little, and well? Enough is enough.

Time to do something different.

What I've been doing since finishing Ultimate Booty Workouts is not working for me. I took a hard look at what I have been doing and started searching for something different. I found Kelly Coffey-Meyer's workouts and was impressed. They are just the something different I was looking for!

I reached out to Kelly (something I don't often do these days, that's how smitten I was with the You Tube previews) and she sent me these DVDs.
I'm putting together a 6 week calendar of the 30 Minute to Fitness DVDs, plus some runs, and will start today (no more waiting for Monday to start!). I'll share my workout calendar and 'before' stats next week for anyone interested. My focus will be weights and of course consistency. That is what I've lacked the past few weeks.

As far as my eating goes, it's been OK, but not where it needs to be for me to see the results I want. I contemplated doing a Whole 30 or a 21 Day Sugar Detox, but decided I wanted to try something different here as well. What I need most is, again, consistency. As well as accountability. I'll be keeping it clean Paleo, but my main focus will be on sharing my food choices on instagram more. I think it will be an easy way to keep myself on track and accountable. (Call me out if I start slacking! #justtrollin #tribelove)

I'm excited for something different. Changing things up is always a good thing!

PS Fitbloggin is in DENVER in 2015!! Who's coming to hang out with me??