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First Week Sister Challenge Results

This was supposed to be yesterday's post, but got pre-empted by an inner fat chick smack-down.

Tuesday was our seventh full day of challenges. The results are in....and our first week totals are:

Water consumption (for a Starbucks Card):
Vonda: 760 oz
Kat: 697 oz
That one is WAY closer than I expected! Woo!

Workout minutes (for running socks):
Vonda: 280 minutes
Kat: 286 minutes
Ruh-roh, better step on it, that's too close for comfort!

Up by 4:45 and productive (for race t-shirts):
Vonda: 5 days
Kat: 5 days
Dead tie so far on that one!

There you have it, no clear winner for any of them yet! Going to be close I'm sure.

What have we learned in the last week? First, what Vonda learned. A peek into our texts on that:
Vonda: So our little challenge has taught me something this week!
Kat: What?
Vonda: Use my week & time wisely!
Kat: Good lesson.
Vonda: Apply all ninja moves between 4:30-8 in the morning & I basically get the rest of the day off!! &...
Kat: Awesome
Vonda: Apply all ninja moves during the week... I basically get the weekend off!
Kat: I got a lot done too!

Ninja and ninja moves is a little joke of ours. Vonda started it, she would always say she was sneaking up on it like a ninja. We sneak up on things like laundry, problems, tasks, etc. Tackle it before it even sees us coming. Ninja moves are housework or routines, things that help us keep our chores/housework in check. If I'm having a rather productive day I'll text her to say: Feelin' very ninja today! Or she'll text me bright and early with: Ninja time! Stuff like that. Yep, we're silly. But having a sense of humor as a stay at home mom is a necessity.

What have I learned? First, it's going to be harder to beat her at workout minutes than I thought! Second, I was definitely NOT drinking enough water before. I am working at consuming what I am and it's right about the recommendation of what I should be. Third, same as Vonda, if I really apply myself early in the morning my day goes so much better.

How about you? Feelin' ninja lately?
Have a great Thursday!