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5 Things My Weight Loss/Healthier Lifestyle Have Affected That Surprised Me

My Energy. I know this shouldn't be a surprise, but I have experienced that afternoon slump and that feeling tired all the time for SO long it really is surprising how great I feel now! Previously coffee or a Diet Rockstar were a must in the afternoon. DAILY. Now it is an extremely rare indulgence. I know everyone always says how much more energy you'll have, how great you'll feel, blah, blah, blah, but know what? They're right. Who knew?My Family. I started this whole pursuit as a rather selfish endeavor. I am shocked at how much my weight loss, healthier choices, and new focus on a fit lifestyle affect my husband and kids. They are always watching! My kids now assume working out is just something everyone does, like eating. My 4 year old will say, "OK, mom now you are going to do my workout". Then he'll take me through a series of 'moves' he makes up and I have to repeat what he does. It's awesomely hilarious. My 6 year old will run around t…

A Merry Workout Pledge DONE!

The A Merry Workout Pledge wound up being 110 minutes 30 seconds. That's a loooooong workout.

There may have been a few of us heaping seconds on ourselves, but all in good fun!

I biked the entire time and did 40.8 miles. 

I am tired. But good tired. I feel alive! 

So much different than the old unhealthy me sluggish tired I experienced before. I would take this 40 miles on a bike tired over that any day! 

Crazy how we change.

Congrats to everyone who's done with their pledge and good luck to everyone who still has theirs to do!!

Wednesday Weigh In and Another A Merry Workout Pledge

I have switched my weigh in day to Wednesday to match up with weeks of ChaLean Extreme.

Last Wednesday I was 173. Which was up a half pound from my previous weigh in. Hrrm.

This morning I weigh 174. Which is up another pound. Double hrrrm.

My initial reaction is to say it's probably just water weight from my new workout and the focus on strength training and lifting heavier weights.

But upon perusing through my calorie log for the last two weeks, (That's a fancy name for the little tablet in the kitchen I scratched down my calories on) I see that I had one day at 1800, several at 1600, and only a few at 1300 or 1400 where I aim to be.

While I wouldn't have thought those numbers would equate to a gain, who knows? But I do know that I have been stagnant for about 3 weeks with my weight loss. Time to shake things up! I just had to post on that I am up a pound for the 6 week challenge...time to get my eating back in line. Going to shoot for 1300ish every day …

In Defense of Carb Snobs Everywhere

The other day on Twitter I was called a carb snob. We won't mention any names here *cough* Ryan *cough* Steve

Somehow Corn Flakes and Crispix cereals came up (now aren't you sad you missed that intellectually stimulating conversation?). 

I said they were cheap carbs. Then I was called a carb snob, and I elaborated that I didn't eat them much because they made me feel like crap. Then the carb snob comments were flung about some more (all in good fun) and I had an aha moment for a blog post! Yes, that's a glimpse into the glamorous life of bloggers.

OK, anyway, what's a carb snob? Well, me I guess. And many of you I am guessing.

What I call cheap carbs are carbs that after eating them I am often still hungry. Sometimes even more hungry than before I ate them. For me they can even trigger a bingey feeling. I just want more and more of them.

Cheap carbs are more than just candies, cookies, cakes, donuts, and sodas. Those are the obvious ones. They are things such as so ca…

I am NOT a Beach Body Coach--Shakeology Review

I sort of feel inclined to put that in the title. When I first heard about Shakeology and searched 'Shakeology reviews' the only ones I could find were written by Beach Body Coaches. I am not, nor will I be any time soon, a Beach Body Coach.

Ok, now that that is out of the way, on to my Shakeology review! I tried both the Greenberry and the Chocolate.
But let me back up a little. Before deciding to review this I had heard of Shakeology through Beach Body Coaches that are Twitter friends. They all had so many great things to say about it and what it had done for them; they had me intrigued. It sounded a bit too good to be true. So I went to Beach Body's site and checked it out. I saw the price and immediately said, pffft, no way. Never gave it a second thought. To me it was just glorified whey protein and who would drop that kind of money on that? Not me. I love my whey protein and am perfectly happy with the brand I use. I wondered at what these people were thinking!

When my…

Wanna know my real name?

Came out of the blogset a bit today over at Please go check out my guest post!

Sometimes You Just Gotta Be a Quitter

OK, so I'm not exactly talking about that kind of quitter, lol. I definitely don't think we should give up easily just because something gets hard. I would have ditched running long ago if that was my personality.

I am talking about quitting things when we realize that we just have too much on our plates to live happy balanced lives with our families. Quitting them with a good attitude knowing it's the right thing and not feeling guilty about it. Case in point: I am quitting the push-up and sit-up challenges. And I feel OK with that. It is too much right now. 

I homeschool, write this blog, and have an active social media social life (hmm, does that sound pitiful?). I love to workout and run. I love to read. I have my house, yard, and husband to take care of (not that he needs 'taken care of' but you get the picture), not to mention the chickens, dog, fish, 3 cats..... Oh, and the kids and I have a race series coming up this summer, ya, I'll stop there, I'm su…

The Extreme Chronicles--First Impressions

Yesterday, UPS Brought me ChaLEAN Extreme, woot! I was so excited! I of course immediately ripped into the box. This is what was inside. Two books, 7 DVDs, a resistance band, fat calipers, and a thigh band. I felt a little like a kid at Christmas. Later when I had time I devoured this book. Stayed up a little too late, oops. This is the "Muscle Burns Fat Guidebook". I think I sort of expected some stupid little pamphlet. Nope. This is a full size, glossy page, book. This book walks you through everything you need to know about this workout program. It includes a Fit Test (which I skipped, ya my bad). I might go back and do it tonight because it has a spot to record now and then after you've finished the program, that would be interesting to see.  It discusses choosing the right resistance for you. Chalene focuses on heavier weights so you 'fail' after 10-12 reps the first phase. There is also a calendar that maps out what workouts to do on what day for the next three m…

Holy Wow, I am Going to DO THIS!

I wasn't planning to blog until this afternoon, but I just had this hit me like a ton of bricks: I am going to reach my goal weight this summer. I am. Wow. I haven't seen 145 since high school. But deep down to my toes I know I will see it this summer. I have no idea what it will look like or feel like and I am beyond excited to find out.

It's not really confidence, although I am confident of reaching goal, it's more like a feeling in the pit of my stomach that holy cow I can do this! I will do this. I am doing this.

But what is so strange is there is no fear, no nervousness, no doubt. I have believed in myself and my reaching these goals for a while now. It has been wonderful and refreshing. That belief in myself is what has made 'this time around' different. But there was always still this nervousness, this apprehension surrounding the whole process. But today, today that is gone. Today I feel only excitement and anticipation. Expectation even.

I came home from …

New Workout Program

Lately I have been wanting to focus more on strength training. I really believe it is what my body needs right now. Now that my 5k race goal is met I also think it is perfect timing to start something new. I have no plan to abandon my running, I do have a new goal of a sub 30 minute 5k, but at the same time I don't plan to only focus on that. I am building a new body here and I think strength training has a high priority in that. I want to feel and be strong. I don't want to be 'skinny'. I want muscle. Muscles are sexy. After all, weights are for girls!
I love goals and structure in my workouts. They really help me stay focused and get my workouts in. I love having a schedule that I just look at and then do. I had thought I would try P90X. As I've said before Vonda is now a Beach Body Coach. So I talked a lot with her this weekend about my thoughts, goals, what I wanted out of a workout system, and we came up with:
Info from my Beach Body Coach's site on ChaLEAN …

Tumaro's Low in Carbs Tortillas Review 5 Stars

FTC Disclaimer: I received 6 Tortillas to review (not 6 packages, 6 tortillas), I receive no compensation for my review and opinions are my own.

From their site: Tumaro’s created the industry’s first flavored tortillas and today remains the best selling innovator of gourmet flavored tortillas and wraps in the country. Our flavored tortillas are trans fat free, kosher, cholesterol free, and do not contain lard. Our products have become known in the food industry not only for their health attributes and nutritional profiles, but also for their taste. Tumaro's has several prominent food Industry and mediaawards to prove it!
Award Winning Low in Carbs tortillas come in a variety of 4
mouthwatering flavors, have 2.5 g of fat, 0 grams of trans fats, and
have 4-7 total net carbs per tortilla. Choose from salsa, green onion,
multi grain and garden vegetable. These multi grain tortillas feature
multiple healthy whole grains and have 8 grams of dietary fiber each.
Those stats are for the 8"…

Attune Review--4 Stars

FTC Disclaimer: The folks over at Attune sent me 3 chocolate bars to review. I receive no compensation for this review and the opinions are 100% my own.

I received one of each of the pictured probiotic chocolate bars to try.
I was impressed with the calorie content and the fact that they contain probiotics. You can read more about their nutritional information at:
From their site: Attune's chocolate bars contain both inulin, which is a prebiotic, and specially formulated probiotics in rich, velvety smooth chocolate that's made from premium cocoa beans from the world's finest growing regions. All of Attune's ingredients, from the rice crisps to the vanilla, are all natural. Attune's chocolate is made with cocoa butter, which is a natural component of the cocoa bean, and evaporated cane juice, which provides the sweetness and flavor. 
My favorite was the Coffee Bean. Coffee and chocolate together for 90 calories, doesn't get better than tha…

Kerri--1 Inner Fat Chick--0

Take one...hadn't had my coffee yet... Take 2...yes, we are dorks.

Because I just knew you'd want to know what we had for breakfast, yes we were feeling silly.

No pics of me running the race, because we were all running! It was awesome though. I started out way too fast. Our other friend running the race is a super fast runner (she won her age group in 23:55), and I started out chasing her a little, then I went doh, stop that she's a fast runner and you are going to wreck yourself! So I held back a little, not so great at pacing yet. I wish I'd been wearing my Nike+ because I kicked tail that first mile, I'm guessing it was under 9 minutes.
I felt great, but about half way the inner fat chick battle started I was doubting myself and my abilities It was so strange because I didn't have any of this during training. I felt strong all through my speed work and long runs. I honestly thought I had whooped the inner fat chick before even arriving at the start line. Stop,…

Runapalooza Day 5. Woo hoo Edition.

Woo hoo! Tomorrow is Race Day!
I opened my email last night to this:
Wohoo! You can do it!

From Jess at I felt so encouraged. The girl is just good people.This Bloggy community is so awesome that way. Thanks Jess!
Woo hoo! Tomorrow is Race Day!
I will try to have video and a race day recap up tomorrow, but I will be away from home, so it might not be until Sunday.
Woo hoo! Tomorrow is Race Day!
Busy day today, lots of things to do, clean my car, pack my race stuff, etc.
Woo hoo! Tomorrow is Race Day!
Ya, that's all I got today, my brain is elsewhere. 
Woo hoo! Tomorrow is Race Day!
You can read this if you want a coherent post about my race: this about my race sponsor:
Woo hoo! Tomorrow is Race Day!
Sub 35 minute 5k I come!!!!
Woo hoo! Tomorrow is Race Day!

Runapalooza Day 4. Daydreaming about Gear.

I absolutely agree that one of the best things about running is that it can be done on the cheap. A decent pair of shoes and out the door. No gym membership, no fancy equipment, just you and the road. 
I also however have a crazy love of running gear. So today come with me down a daydream path of "what running gear I would buy if money were no object". Just the title gives me tingles.

Need a snack, a trip to the bathroom before we take off, go ahead, I'll wait....

First up on our little fantasy shopping trip. (no, FTC I have no affiliation with them). Shoes. ooooooo. I've run in the 12's of these and would love the 13's. Definitely going in the fantasy basket. But why stop there. Let's try some new brands shall we? I have never ran in New Balance, and these babies are pretty expensive, so while I'm fantasizing may as well try the best? Yes? Never tried Pumas either, can't lie, added these to the fantasy basket because they are yellow…

Runapalooza Day 3. Guest Post Edition

Thanks to Michelle for this awesome guest post. Enjoy! 
Running for Results, Not Routine
by: Michelle Myers
You get to the gym, and you hop on YOUR treadmill. (You know you run on the same one every time.) You set your iPod to your favorite running playlist, and hit the start button. You warm-up for the recommended time, then you punch the speed up to your usual number, and you run for your normal time. When you're done, you cool down, wipe your sweat, and leave the gym. Successful? Maybe. But maybe not.
If this sounds familiar, you may not be seeing the training results you are aiming for. Once your body does an activity, it puts muscle memory into practice, meaning your body begins to recognize things you do repetitively. In an effort to prove its efficiency, your body even tries to cheat and find an easier way to do it than it did it last time. Guess what? That means, the awesome workout that you started doing two years ago doesn't give you the same calorie expenditure today. …