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Exciting News!

OMG guys! I am so beyond excited right now. A little back story. I have been looking for a sponsor for my April 17th 5k race. I found out that the local race I had planned to run will most likely be rescheduled. As I blogged about here this is a really important race for me. I have been training my heart out. Everything I have is going into this race. I am focused, I am determined. So I looked around on the internet and found another race running that same date. Woo hoo. Well, sort of. 

The new race is a few hours drive away and will cost a $22 registration fee. I don't exactly have extra cash right now for the gas money to travel and the fee. Hence the sponsor seeking. I emailed a few companies and asked for sponsorship and in return offered to blog/tweet/youtube video about their companies and any products they would send me to wear and review during the race. I don't just want a handout I want to help a company out too.

Well, I haven't heard back from anyone except...Nike!

They are going above and beyond what I asked for! They will send me 3 pairs of running shoes and running socks in the next year, pay race fees for any races I want to run for the next year, and possibly even help out with travel expenses. Plus, they are sending me two complete Nike running outfits!! Woot! Yay Nike! I am so excited to work with them. I already wear their Nike + Structure Triax running shoes! AND always run with my Nike + and ipod. Woot. Who doesn't heart Nike?!
my current running shoes
Oh yes, and also, April Fool. Ha ha ha! Still hopeful to hear from a company, fingers crossed. Any companies interested? I'll even run in a T-shirt with your name all over it! Sorry guys couldn't resist an April Fool's post! ;)