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Because I Just Know You Want to Know What I Ate Today

After reading through the comments on my post yesterday I decided I would do a nightly post of everything I eat. I will take pics of absolutely anything that I consume except water. I am going to do it for a week, and then decide if I want to keep doing it.

I have to say, it's helping already! I really think about what I choose to eat knowing I have to take a picture and put it all together in a post on here. I am so much more mindful. I know I won't do this forever, but it's good accountability for me for right now. I have to learn to make good choices for life, this is simply a crutch for now.

It's a little humorous because I feel like I need to explain what I eat. Like, yes, I like strong coffee with lots of cream and am totally OK spending that many calories on it, or...this isn't a typical day, sure need to go grocery shopping, usually there are a few smoothies in there. Weird.

Anyway, day 1 of my food post accountability project.

Coffee with 2 Tblsp Half and Half

3 Egg Spinach Omelet with 2 Tblsp Salsa


Bad pic, that's an Egg Salad Sandwich on Earthgrains ThinBun


More coffee with 2 Tblsp Half and Half
Cameo Apple and a Light String Cheese

Refried Beans with 1/2 cup Cheese and 1 Tblsp each Sour Cream and Salsa

So that was my day in food. 1311 calories total.
Comments? Questions? Concerns? Do you think this is a good idea? Do I eat weird? OK, don't answer that one.