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Happy Birthday To ME

If you're on Twitter you might be aware that my birthday is this Friday, the 25th. Aware because I can't quit talking about it!

I was thinking earlier and tweeted about why I have no idea why I'm so excited about it. I mean, I turn 34, not exactly a milestone. We're pretty tight on our budget this month since I bought spoiled teen boy an XBOX 360 for his 16th birthday (which is the 29th so shhh, don't tell). There won't be any celebration or big to do. And likely presents only from my mom and mother in law.

But still, I am excited about it.

I can't wait. It's a big deal to me this year. But kept wondering why I felt this way. Then someone tweeted back to me:

@katdoesdiets You are a different woman than last year!! You feel good!! You look good!! Your birthday will be a celebration of it all!!

Um, BINGO! She is exactly right. I want to CELEBRATE my life this year. I had to let that sink in a moment.

I WANT to CELEBRATE my LIFE this year. Wow.

Really, I can't remember this feeling ever. But it's true. She's exactly right. I feel awesome, I feel healthy, I feel strong. Many things are going great in my life: my weight loss, my health, my running, my passion that is writing...the list is too long...and I want to celebrate that this year. I want to celebrate...ME!

And that feels good. I am a different woman than I was last year..and the year get the picture.  And the improvement is worth celebrating. 


Are you excited when your birthday comes around? Do you celebrate you?

(Oh, you haven't gotten off this easy...there will still BE a birthday post on Friday too hee hee)