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Monday Miles--Half Marathon Chosen

Every Monday for a while will be Monday Miles here on my blog. As I'll be beginning half marathon training next Monday these posts will be dedicated to all things running. I am really excited to have an excuse to do more running gear reviews throughout my training process...and maybe even giveaways? We'll see if I can get any companies interested in sponsoring. 

THIS Monday however I want to say that I've chosen a half marathon...yay!

I decided budget-wise it would be best for my family if I picked a Colorado race. Plus, I found one that is only $35! Since I won't have to fly anywhere I am hoping that hubby and I can even go stay in a Fort Collins hotel and make a mini vacation of it as a late anniversary (our anniversary is Aug 31).

Who would've ever thought that I would think running a half marathon would make a fun part of a vacation?! Crazy how much our paradigm shifts.

So, without further babbling: September 19th I will be running the Crossroads Half Marathon in Fort Collins, CO.

I was actually amazed at how many half marathons were available in Colorado. This is a great state to be a runner in. I chose this particular race for several reasons. First, I have ran a few races in Fort Collins and enjoyed them. They are always well put on in my opinion. Second, I wanted to give myself 12 weeks to train. Third, Fort Collins is a little over 2 hours from me, so not bad travel time. Plus, at only $35 I should be able to easily budget in the race fees. I am also hoping by then it won't be quite so hot too, I really dislike running in the heat.

I haven't registered yet so I guess it's not written in stone. We write out a budget and follow it carefully, as a single income family that's a must, but as soon as I work the race fees in the budget I'm on it. Then I'll work on the hotel and hopefully some fun running gear...poor little budget, lol.

I can't wait to shop for new running clothes to match my Pumas...haven't had an excuse for that in a while. My running clothes show it too!

I believe that the local 10k that I'd hoped to do as part of training is after the Crossroads Half Marathon, but I still plan to do it.

Can't wait to start training! I will keep you guys posted every Monday on my training and any new fun running gear finds I come across on the way. Long distance runs really put products to the test in my experience. Next Monday I plan to share the half marathon training plan I'll be following.

How about you, are you training for any races? Share which ones.