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New Look & 4th BBQs Game Plan

I'm playing with my blog look again, trying to clean it up and make it less cluttered. What do ya think?

I've also added some ads. Hope they don't annoy, but a bloggers gotta pay the bills! Yes, I make money when you click on my ads. Or so I'm told, haven't actually had it happen yet, lol.

What are your plans for the 4th? We have 3 BBQs to go to! Ugh, not sure how exactly that happened, but lots of family, so it should be fun. Just busy, busy.

My holiday game plan has always been the same. I watch my food a little closer the week before. Up my workout intensity a little the week before and after. Then, at the events I only 'splurge' on the things I really want and think I will truly enjoy, not just any junky treat. I eat sensibly otherwise. But if there's some good lookin' brownies somewhere you can bet I'll be having one. That way I don't feel deprived, yet don't feel like crap from over-eating, well, crap.

This year I'm contemplating that strategy a little. I'm still doing the week before/after thing as usual, but the splurging is what I'm re-thinking. I've gone completely off of sugar and artificial sugar. At my 16 year old's birthday party a little while back I splurged and I had cake, ice cream, chips and diet soda. I then proceeded to feel like crap for 2 days after that. Sugar and junky carbs just do not sit well with me! 

So...what do you think, is the feeling of NOT depriving myself worth the sugar coma after? 
What is your game plan?