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August--Things I'm Loving Right Now

I've been wanting to do a video for this all month, but haven't gotten it done. Videos without children or cats wandering through are sometimes hard to come by around here! September's version will definitely be a vlog.

Things I'm Loving Right Now will be a new monthly addition to my blog. Just a shoutout to the fitness/weight loss/healthy living products I'm in love with at the moment. 

Puma Vectana Complete I
I know I've told you before how I love my Pumas. But now that I've ran in them all summer I'm telling you again! My half marathon training has made me love them even more. I'm downright smitten with them. Over the summer I've ran 5ks in them and began half marathon training in them. I've done everything from speed work to 8 miles long runs in these Pumas. They have been absolutely awesome. My feet are the happiest they've been since I started running. They've almost forgiven me for that whole Asics fiasco...almost.

My favorite Sweaty Band
Sweaty Bands. I cannot tell you in one post how in love with these I am. My long bangs drive me crazy during runs and workouts. I have searched and searched for a good headband that would stay on my head, especially for long runs. I began to think I just had a funny shaped head! Enter the sweaty band. It's cute AND it stays on my head. It accompanied me through my entire 8 mile run as well as through a 30 minute and 60 minute TurboFire workout. Yes, Love.
Eco Vessel Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Sport Flo Cap (25 Ounces)
My Eco Vessel water bottle. It's stainless steel and holds .5 L. Of course it's also baby pink (although they do come in other colors I guess). Love, love this water bottle! I got mine off of amazon. I think they've changed the sport top a bit from when I bought mine at Christmas time. I actually like this new design better. They have all shapes and sizes. Mine fits in my fuel belt that I run with. Which is awesome because the dumb plastic one it came with started leaking!

Jay Robb's whey protein isolate 24 ounce size also available in 5lb (80 ounce size)
Jay Robb Vanilla Whey Protein is a new love, but I'm head over heals for it. As I've talked about before it is made with Stevia which is hugely important to me as I don't do sugar or artificial sweeteners. Their whey isolate is derived from farm-raised, pasture-grazed, grass fed cows that were not treated with rBGH which I think is awesome. I've only tried the vanilla so far, but it's wonderful. It tastes great and mixes well. Love. (you can get 15% off at using Code: BLOGKDD719 )

My yellow Experia Cool Max-Thin Cushion running socks by Thorlos. These are hands down my favorite running socks right now. I can't gush about them enough. They're a little expensive, but well worth it in my opinion. I also own them in orange and green and I gave my pink ones to my sister because I knew she'd love them to!

Fitbook. I am absolutely loving my fitbook. It really helps me stay on track. I enjoy being able to plan out my workouts and also being able to look back on what I've eaten. It really puts things in perspective for me. If I'm having a bad week you can bet I'm not utilizing my fitbook!

So, there are my August Loves. 

Disclaimer: the sweaty bands, pumas, and jay robb protein were provided to me for review, the other products I purchased on my own. My opinions are unbiased and I will absolutely add only products I truly love to my monthly favorites posts. I receive no compensation for this post.