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Primal Struggles

I have been sticking with Primal eating since the beginning of September. I did have two or three weekends that included one day of 'bad' eating. Family events, pizza, etc. Overall I am liking eating Primal and I feel it keeps me more even.

However, I'm not losing weight. I started tracking my food on Sparkpeople again so that I can take a good hard look at what I'm eating and why I'm not losing.

While eating Primal, Paleo, lower carb, etc it is very easy for me to maintain my weight (which I find encouraging for down the road). But in order to lose weight I must keep my carbs under 50, or even 40 grams per day. This may sound extreme to some, but I feel BETTER this way. Plus, it is worth it to me. While eating lower carb like this I don't have to feel famished and starved like when I'm simply eating low calorie.

Well, today's breakfast according to sparkpeople was 45 grams of carbs, well hello there problem. I also see I'm eating too many nuts. Nuts are good for us, but calorie-dense, therefore too many=no weight loss.

Tracking works. Period.

For now I will continue eating Primal and tracking it on Sparkpeople. I'm interested to see where my calories and carbs are ending up on a longer term basis. I feel great, but I do miss my oatmeal. 

What do you think about Paleo/Primal eating? Have you tried it?