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Action Steps

So, now we all have our goals written out for 2011...right? You do have your goals written out? If not, go do, quick...I'll wait. I read somewhere that simply the act of writing them down makes us a bazillion times more likely to accomplish them. (OK, it wasn't a bazillion, but it was much more likely)

Once we've written our goals what? Do we simply let them sit around and collect dust? No! We take action! This is where so many people get hung up. OK, so I want this thing, I have this goal, but now what?

There's many things we can do from here: we can write out affirmations surrounding our goals, use visualization, and we can write out some action steps. Action steps is what I want to talk about today.

What are some things we can do to get us closer to your goals? What are the steps it will take us to get from here to there? Sit down when you have time and think about this. What will it really take to reach this goal? Write these things out, these are your action steps.

Now break them down into bite-sized tasks and get started! 

For example, if one of your goals is to lose weight (or whatever your goal is, it all works the same), write out the action steps you will take to accomplish this. Like: drink more water, exercise, clean the junk out of the cupboards, etc. Then break these down into tasks: buy a water bottle that will measure your water intake, or figure out how you'll track your intake; will you join a gym, buy some workout DVDs, or simply start walking? Take each action step and break it down into the tasks it will take to complete it. Make these tasks as 'bite sized' as possible. Last, make a list of these tasks, this is your plan, now simply DO them

Don't get overwhelmed by the big picture. Look at your list and take one task at a time.

I want to lose roughly 40 pounds this year. Wow, that can get overwhelming if I focus simply on that goal, but if I focus on the tasks it takes to get me there--much less overwhelming. I have written out my workout plan, now I need to get up each day and do that task. I have picked the eating plan I'll be following right now, now I just do it. Little by little all of this will add up until I've reached that 40 pound goal. Same with all my other goals: I've broken them down into what it will take to get there and I focus on the tasks.

We all talk about lifestyle changes, but how do we do this really? We figure out where we want to go, then what it is going to take to get there...and then we take the steps. Over and over and over as many times as it takes...until we're there, at our goal. It's not impossible. It doesn't take extra human willpower. Just persistence. Step after step after step. 

I really believe that writing all of this out makes a difference.

**2011 Journal Entry: Take your goal list and break it down into the action steps and tasks it will take to reach them.