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Jillian Michaels ripped in 30 Week 1 Results

This week I'll get right to the numbers:
Beginning Stats
Weight 179.5
BF% 32.8
Waist 34.5
Right Thigh 22
Right Calf 14.75
Hips 42.5
Right Arm 12

Week 1 Stats
Weight 178
BF% 32.5
Waist 34.25
Right Thigh 21.5
Right Calf 14.75
Right Arm 12

That's 1.5 pounds lost as well as 1/4 inch off my waist and (I measured twice on this one because I didn't believe it) 1/2 inch off my thigh. 

All in all not a bad first week. I did expect to see a bigger loss on the scale. Not that it's a bad loss, but I feel like I've lost more. It is that time of the month, so possibly that's why.

What I like so far:
  1. The diet plan. No starving and no ditching entire food groups. It's just a balanced 1400ish calorie plan.
  2. The shortness of the workouts.
  3. The intensity of the workouts.
What I don't like so far:
  1. Repeating the exact same workout for 6 days. It gets a little old. although not unbearable by any means. I'm definitely ready to move on to the week 2 workout though. 
  2. That it's 6 days of strength in a row with no rest in between. I would love to hear people's thoughts on this. I've always heard you should take a day off in between strength training the same body part. Work a different body part or do cardio, etc. With this you're doing the exact same workout and therefore using weights on the same body parts day after day. 
  3. Soreness. I am used to being sore from a good strength workout, but since there's no rest/cardio day after (like I'm used to) it seems like I've been constantly sore this week. I even went DOWN on the weights I used. I only started with 8 lb dumbbells (That is low for me, most workouts I would use 10's, 15's, and 20's). Then because I was so sore I had to finish the week out with 5 lb dumbbells! I don't remember the last time I used those in any workout.
Those are my initial thoughts. I'm curious to see how week 2 goes! Will my body adjust and not be so sore? Am I looking at a month of constant soreness? 

What do you think? Is it wise to do strength workouts 6 days in a row? Does dropping the weights used help any?

**Week 2 Update

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