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Going Primal Days 20 and 21

I'm a day behind with my tracking, so I decided to post 2 days together. I didn't get all the pics for day 21 so that works out nicely!

Day 20 my workout was a brisk 4.25 mile walk. Day 21 was another walk, 4.2 miles in the cold and major WIND. I think that calls for bonus points.

Day 20's eats:
Breakfast was an omelet with onions, yellow peppers,  and tomato with some fresh strawberries and coffee with 1 Tblsp organic whipping cream.

Lunch was leftover taco salad from the night before.
Afternoon snack was a cup of coffee with cream and...
...a grapefruit. I never used to like grapefruits, but I'm LOVING them lately.
Dinner was yum-azing. Meatballs and broccoli. 
Day 21 was a strange eating day for sure. Hubby was home to meet with an appraiser for the house in the morning, then offered to do the kids' schooling in the afternoon. So I pretty much just ran a-muck all day. I had a nice walk with a friend in the morning sans kids. Then in the afternoon I ran off grocery shopping etc. It was bliss. But my food was weird/scattered. Anyway, my eats were:
Are you bored of coffee pics yet?
Running out the door to meet my friend for a walk I grabbed a nectarine.
Let's call this brunch. After my walk I had the last of the taco meat leftover from the taco salad. Topped with a 100 cal pack of Wholly Guacamole.
I had a handful of macadamia nuts on the way home from the grocery store, but didn't get a pic.
When I returned from shopping I was determined to still make the pumpkin mini muffins I have wanted to try for days.  3 of them were what I called 'dinner' ha ha.
I'm going to take Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off from blog tracking, I'll still be tracking with My Fitness Pal, just not posting. People have been asking for me to post recipes for the foods I'm showing. I've started working on that. The Primal Pumpkin Mini Muffins is the first of many I hope to post. They're yummy and VERY filling.

Have a great weekend!

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