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Paleo FAQs

I've had a lot of questions lately about paleo. Via twitter, facebook, email... I'm surprised and flattered that people think of me to ask. I guess with the time of year and the growing popularity of paleo, a lot of people are interested. I thought I'd do a post and try to answer some of them in one shot. I'm no expert, and there's far more qualified people, but you've asked so I'm offering my thoughts.

What the heck is paleo?
Basically paleo is no grains (yep none), no sugar (OK, I occasionally do stevia and honey in splurge recipes), no artificial sweeteners, no soy, no trans-fats, and no legumes (and for some no dairy). I would call it a whole foods, anti processed foods diet. Feel free to add in the comments if I've missed something.

What DO you eat on paleo?
Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, fish, some nuts, seeds, eggs, and fats like coconut oil and olive oil. I try for the highest quality possible: organic, wild caught, local etc. But if budget restricts I just do the best I can. I am lucky enough to have my own chickens for eggs and our own grass fed beef. Some folks take it to the extreme and only eat in season, local, wild etc. I do the best I can. Now many paleo folks don't do any dairy, but I eat grass-fed organic butter and cream as well as occasionally whey protein. I also do some 85-90% dark chocolate and red wine, medicinally of course. If you want more detail you can check out my you tube channel. I have lots of daily vlogs showing my meals.

What paleo books do you recommend?
If you're into ebooks, this.

If you prefer an actual hold in your hand book (like me) this.
As far as cookbooks I like:


Is there a specific workout philosophy with paleo?
This varies by who you ask I think. I stick to what I like. If you read Robb Wolf's or Sarah Fragoso's books they'll make suggestions.

Are you into crossfit?
No, never tried it. No reason really, just haven't.

Why did you go paleo?
This answer could take volumes! Mostly it is best for my husband who has narcolepsy. Also, I had read a ton of books and just decided to try it. After 30 days I felt fanfriggintastic and knew it was the best choice for me.

Don't you feel deprived eating paleo?
Not. At. All. As I've said before I feel great. My urge to binge eat has vanished. I have more energy. I honestly feel better than I have in my life. A bagel is NOT worth giving that up.

What is the difference between paleo and primal?
I get this one a lot! My take on it is that primal is: higher fat, more lax on dairy, and has a slightly different (and more defined) fitness philosophy. PLEASE comment below if I've forgotten something. I really get this question a ton since I've tried both.

How do you have the energy to workout eating low carb? OR Aren't you not getting enough carbs?
While I do eat lower carb, paleo does not have to be low carb. Fruits are carbs. Vegetables are carbs. Nuts and seeds have carbs. Sweet potatoes are a great source of carbs! You get my point. Paleo does not neccessarily=low carb. Some days I have more carbs than others. I never struggle with having enough energy to workout.

Is paleo gluten free?

Is coffee OK on paleo?
Well, to be honest I have no idea. But coffee is one thing I'm not willing to give up.

Those are my thoughts. I will never be the one to get on my soap box and preach to you about doing things my way. If you want to try paleo, great. If you don't, great. Do what works for you. But I've had questions and just wanted to answer them.

Any other questions I missed?

Here's a post I did with videos on paleo and primal if you want more (from those more qualified).


  1. ok I LOOOVE your response to the coffee question.
    I know youre slammed but Id love YOUR TAKE on doing paleo for a guest post if you ever have the time
    a day in your life...

  2. I am pretty sure Mark Sisson drinks coffee. I think it is considered more primal than paleo. Like you though, you can pry my coffee from my cold, dead hand. :)

  3. I got my brother that Paleo Comfort Foods book for Christmas, along with a bunch of Bob's Red Mill paleo approved foods! He has lost almost 70lbs on the diet and his girlfriend started it recently as well and has lost 20lbs already. They rave about it, though she's having a tough time with giving up some of the sweets. I'm hoping the cookbook will help her out!

  4. This is pretty much right on with my understandings of Paleo and such. I have a beef and egg allergy I just found out about (gut inflammation), so my version of Paleo is without those items. I do still drink coffee with cream, and occasionally use grass-fed butter.

  5. Hard to think this through and believe you can go wrong with whole foods, anti processed foods.

    Processed foods are yummy, and, they make for a big tummy... just made that up, sometimes I hit one out of the park; or was that a foul ball?

  6. LOVE this. May link back to this, it's a much easier explination.

  7. You pretty much summarized paleo/primal. People should understand that this should be considered a life time way of eating rather than just a diet plan to go off of when they have lost the weight. It is very doable if you have this frame of mind. And you do reach a point where even if you plateau, your body starts to change it's shape and people start to notice. I have 16 more pounds to lose before I reach what I weighed when I got married. And people are telling me that I don't need to lose any more weight. Everyone said, oh here's another diet your trying. And they just didn't think it was healthy not have whole grains. But this has been the easiest eating plan I've ever been on. I've kept the weight off. While others have dieted, exercised with PX90 and Chaleen Extreme. And now have put the weight back on. In my opinion, it was all for nothing. My suggestion would be to spend a few hours a week preparing your food and you can reheat it during the week for a quick meal. There is no counting calories or obcessing over points, grams, blah, blah, blah. Eat clean food, eat till your full. It really is that simple. Lydia

  8. my question is how do you do it without little ones around?! I tried...and I have no willpower. I know you don't really have an answer for this and I'm basically just whining over my own weakness. BUt I felt the need to comment anyway! Thanks for the summary!

    PS: Your comment about getting rid of urge to binge eat is motivating me to try this again!!

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