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My Paleo Pregnancy Week 25

Long time no update! Wow, this pregnancy is flying by. You might want to grab a cup of coffee, I have a LOT to update on!

Well, let's see, since my last update at 16 weeks... 

I've been doing Whole30 and my nutrition is amazing on that. I have been tracking to ensure I'm getting all my nutrition right because I have stopped taking a prenatal. Every one I try gives me gas. TMI, I know. I think it's because many of the whole food ones contain brown rice, etc. Luckily with Whole30 all of my daily values are at or well above where they need to be. 

My workouts have gotten better. I'm being much more consistent and this week have even been able to up the intensity a bit. I've also added in yoga more. It just feels fabulous right now.

My energy levels are better and overall I feel pretty good.

At 21 weeks I had an ultrasound... but baby wouldn't cooperate. So, we still don't know the gender. I've been reluctant to do much shopping because it's so tough to buy gender neutral. The last week or so I've finally started shopping though. And boy have I shopped...

I ordered a Graco Snugride Classic Connect 30 car seat from Target. It was on sale for only $89.99! Plus, we have a Target Debit Card, so 5% off that AND free shipping. SCORE. We had a Graco with the last two and loved it.

I was super excited to find a local Cloth Diapering company: Kanga Care aka Rumparooz is based in Colorado. I love to support local businesses whenever I can! Plus, I've heard from other bloggers that they're some of the best all in one cloth diapers out there, bonus. I ordered an assortment of their diapers to see and registered on their site. I have to laugh at myself... I was most excited to buy cloth diapers. My husband has joked that the baby might be naked otherwise, but it'll have cloth diapers!

I visited for the first time. Whoa, that site has everything! I was mainly on the hunt for the Bambo Newborn diapers. They're the most eco-friendly disposable I've been able to find. I wanted one pack to have so that I can ease into cloth diapers the first few days. While on the site I also found these biodegradable wipes by Attitude and some natural, less junk baby wash from Little Twig and diaper cream from Butt Paste (am I the only one that giggles at that name?).

I picked up some Seventh Generation Baby laundry detergent while I was at Natural Grocers so that I can wash up baby clothes, blankets, etc before baby arrives. Plus, I found this other natural baby wash at Target and registered there too. Baby wash is another thing I'm super focused on for some reason. I want to try every natural brand out there!
I ordered this diaper bag by Kalencom from Amazon. I looooove it. I also ordered a glass bottle by Green Sprouts from Amazon. I plan to breastfeed, but may pump some.

It's so crazy to me that this is my 4th, but we're still starting from scratch! We'd long ago given away all things baby. Ah well, baby shopping is fun.

At about 23 weeks I lost sight of my feet. I'm sure they'll return this summer sometime...

Since passing the half-way mark I've been thinking about my home birth more. Pondering and preparing mostly. I've been reading up on the Bradley Method. Knowing myself well, I know the most important thing for me is to relax and let my body do it's job. That's my main focus.

All in all things are going fabulously well.

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