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Ultimate Booty Workouts - Phase 2 Recap, Results, and Review

I'm really not ready for it to be the last day of March. Excuse me while I have a bit of a freakout...

Seriously, where did the month go?! 

Oh well, it went. I'm just glad Spring is here. This mama needs some sunshine! Anyway, on to my Ultimate Booty Phase 2 discussion:

This was my planned workout schedule for March. Lots of people have
asked where I print these calendars. I print them from imom.
At first I wasn't sure, but I loved having this many rest days scheduled. I did add in a couple of extra days of cardio in the month, but it was nice to have that flexibility. I also found my not quite up to par post-baby body needed the extra recovery time. Two words: sore muscles.

I really enjoyed this month's workout. Possibly even more than last month...maybe. I loved the new moves, the intensity, and the addition of the HIIT at the end. For me it was sprints on the treadmill.

All in all, my workouts were great. I used my 10 lb weights and am ready to progress to my 15's for most moves. Super excited about that! I haven't seen my 15 lb weights in over a year. Oh yes, and I burned an average of 350 calories per workout. Say what?! Awesome.

My food was better this month. Still working on portions, but definitely more mindful of it. A couple examples of dinners:

Grass-fed steak with asparagus and white sweet potato.
Paleo taco salad.

Upon completing Phase 2 I am definitely feeling stronger and am excited to be seeing a difference in the mirror as well. PROGRESS! After the long back and forth, round and round I've been putting myself through post-baby I cannot tell you how excited I am to be making progress. I also notice my posture seems better.

My stats...

Before-194.5 After Phase 1-191 After Phase 2-187

Before-44 After Phase 1-43.5 After Phase 2-43
Before-36.5 After Phase 1-36 After Phase 2-36
Before-44 After Phase 1-43.5 After Phase 2-43
Right Calf: 
Before-14.5 After Phase 1-14.5 After Phase 2-14
Clothing size: 
Before-13 After Phase 1-Can wear some 12's After Phase 2-12

A pound a week? I'll take it.

OK, no beating around the bush: I love this book, I love these workouts, and I'm super excited to start Phase 3.

I'm off to find my 15 and 20 lb weights. Now, where on earth did my pregnant self stuff them...

Final results + Before and after pics