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Learning to Listen to My Body. Even When I Don't Like What it's Saying...

Years ago I was very unhealthy and I was also quite oblivious. I was completely disconnected from my body. It was screaming at me, but I wasn't listening. 

Throughout my weight loss journey the biggest thing I learned is to listen to my body. 

I was shocked what my body taught me simply from paying attention. Certain foods do not agree with me at all. Staying hydrated energizes me; likewise being dehydrated makes me feel like a slug. Intense workouts make me feel like a superhero; they give me energy, not take it like I'd assumed. 

I had no idea! I wasn't paying attention. The list of what I've learned about myself is long and still growing, but the skill of listening to my body is priceless.

Paying attention is the best thing I've ever done for myself. Hands down.

Speaking of paying attention...

A few years ago I ran a marathon. I followed some generic training plan, which was way too much running for me, and hurt my hip. I then ran said marathon on said hurt hip. I wasn't listening to my body and it was a disaster. 

However, I learned a lot about myself, my body, and what it takes to be race-ready. I learned I need less mileage and I learned the difference between simple soreness from running and injuries that I needed to stop and take care of. 

Since then I've learned that if I lovingly take care of my body it will still get to where I want it to be, doing what I want it to do. Maybe on a different time-frame, but it will get there. More importantly, it will get there injury free.

Reality check!

My hip has been acting up since January, and oddly I found myself not wanting to listen. Wanting to ignore it and press on. Needless to say I had to give myself a talking to.

I'm listening. 

I'm being proactive and backing off on mileage, adding in helpful supplements, and adding in strengthening and stretching exercises that I know help.

Sadly, I won't be running the T9K in Boulder like I'd planned. However tough it is for me to sign up for a race and not run it, I have learned my lesson and I know it's far more important that I take care of myself.

Do you struggle with listening to your body? How about when it says what you don't want to hear?!