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2015 Fit Goals Check-In + #holidaysweat Challenge

Well, it's that time of year I suppose. (No, not red cup season. Though, yay red cup season!) The holidays are sneaking up on us. The year is quickly coming to a close. It's the season I start looking back at the year that has gone by as well as forward to the new year on its way. 

I took a little quiet time to contemplate yesterday. We're looking at a move in the next couple of weeks (Snoopy dance) and I thought now would be a good time for me to reflect and redirect.   

So, first my fit goals for 2015. From my original post, they were:
  • 145 pounds. I don't generally set scale goals. In fact, pre-baby I didn't really believe in goal weights (I was about 155 pre-Baby O.). I figured I'd know when I was at my happy weight and didn't want to add pressure. I still feel that way... BUT. I just want to. I want to try. I want to see what 145 looks like/feels like. I want to push myself and see. I'll keep you posted how I do having a goal weight...
  • Rock a 5k. My running has straight up gotten the shaft since about 36 weeks into my pregnancy. I still haven't gotten back into my running groove. I want that. So, I'm focused on 5k training (though I may extend that to half training depending how the year goes). I want to feel confident about a 5k again!
  • Try new things! There's a lot to be said for doing what works for you, but I can tend to get in quite the rut. In 2015 I want to try new things in fitness. I don't have anything in mind yet, but just the very notion excites me. "

  • Hmm, at first glance I didn't do so well. I'm a ways from that goal weight and I've yet to run a 5k. I did fair at trying new things though. 

    To be honest, I let my fitness goals take a backseat for much of the year. That was a choice I made and don't actually regret. I wish I could have juggled it all, but I didn't always do so well with that. We had so much change going on this year and when things got crazy that is what I let slide. It is what it is, but now that we're past most of that...

    I'm looking forward. I'm excited for the move into our new home here in Idaho (with 8.3 acres, and a barn, and... yay!) and hopeful for the ability to focus on my fitness and running goals more. I have to choose to make them a priority. A little house buying chaos, a little moving mania, and I'll be there.

    I also want to look back at the word/intention I chose for 2015:

    In that post I said:

    "That one word speaks volumes to me at this season of my life. To me it speaks of not just change (though it screams that plenty loudly and I love that), but of hope and power over my choices. It speaks of opportunity and success. It speaks of the ability to be responsible for the outcomes in my life. It speaks of newness and freshness. It speaks of learning and improving. It speaks of embracing life and living the heck out of it. Most of all it speaks of the limitless possibilites on the new page of life I am beginning to write upon."

    Wow. I could not have chosen a more perfect word. This year has been completely about reinvention. For me. For my family. For every aspect of my life. I can honestly say I feel like an entirely new version.

    It's been exciting. It's been an adventure. It's been a heck of a year!

    While I am already looking towards 2016 and those goals, this year isn't over yet! I'm not sitting on my hind-end waiting for January 1st.

    I've realized from consistently wearing my new activity tracker that I'm not exactly where I thought I was in my body after baby efforts (I'm working on a post on that epiphany, coming soon...). So, I've decided to jump in for the #holidaysweat challenge.

    My goals with the challenge are to be more mindful of my choices. To move more and make better food choices. I want to up my daily steps each day, stay consistent with my Body Beast workouts, and keep my food choices good (even through the holidays, yes).

    They specifically track activity minutes for this challenge. I'm shooting for 45 minutes a day.

    There's still time to join me if you'd like to get yourself on track before the New Year too! There's more info on my friend Amanda's blog here.

    How about you? Have you done a goal check-in?