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What Do You Eat When You're Paleo and Pregnant?

That question has come up a lot lately. People wanting to know what I eat in general or whether my eating is different than my normal pre-pregnancy paleo diet. I would have thought my answer would be that I eat basically the same, but for the first trimester there have been differences.

The main difference is that before I was pregnant I ate three meals a day and one or two snacks, but now I find I can't stand a full meal. I'm eating more mini meals throughout the day and I also tend to stick to the same foods more.  

A typical day looks like this:

Breakfast - 5 or 6 AM
A cup of Warrior Cereal with almond milk.

Breakfast has been toughest for me this first trimester. My breakfasts started out looking like this:
But weeks 6 through 10 I was very nauseous/sick and having major aversions to meat and eggs. I tried smoothies and even some gluten free cereal (which didn't help and I wouldn't have added that back into my diet in hind sight). Then I found Warrior Cereal. I was ecstatic. It was the perfect answer to my breakfast dilemma. 

I ran out of Warrior Cereal and am waiting on my new order, so breakfast the past week has been Greek yogurt and a diced Pink Lady apple. I added the greek yogurt back into my diet because I've been craving ice cream like mad the past month (and caved once or twice). With the bad nausea/sickness of weeks 6 through 10 I don't think I was eating enough calcium rich paleo foods. Greek yogurt has been my temporary answer to these issues. But dairy breaks me out and I'll be working harder at getting more leafy greens, bone broth, etc back in my diet and cutting the greek yogurt out.

Snack - 9 AM
My morning snack is usually beef jerky, nuts, or fruit.

Lunch - Noon
Lunch is generally a salad, a smoothie, or tuna. It seems crazy to me, but my favorite lunch is Wild Planet Skipjack Tuna with paleo mayo and relish. I would have thought with my weird meat aversions that this wouldn't sound good or sit well on my stomach, but I have it probably three times a week and love it.

Snack - 2:30 or 3 PM
My afternoon snack varies. It's usually something like almond or cashew butter and celery or trail mix. But sometimes it's almond butter and a few squares of dark chocolate (mmmmm) or a larabar.

Dinner - 5 or 6 PM
Dinner is always some incarnation of meat and vegetables. Things like:

The main difference for dinner has been I eat a smaller portion than I used to. As I mentioned, spreading smaller meals/snack throughout the day just sits better on my touchy stomach.

Post-Dinner Snack - 8 PM
I don't always have a snack after dinner. Bed time seems to come pretty early these days. When I do it's usually a piece of fruit or a square of dark chocolate (if I didn't have any earlier, I try to only have chocolate once a day).

I drink mostly water or water with lemon. I was on the fence whether I'd go off coffee while I was pregnant (I've read a cup a day is OK), but even the smell started making me sick at week 6 so I guess that question was answered for me!

Any other questions I didn't answer? Feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or any type of health professional. What I offer are my experiences and opinions.