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I have been asking myself lately: What is different about 'this time around' with getting healthy and losing weight? Why am I having success? Why do I see myself at a size 6 now when before I never even thought it was possible for me? I am even digging into the deeper issues. Issues I never even saw for what they were before. Facing my fears. Making permanent changes. It feels awesome. But why? What is the difference this time?

The answer I came up with was hope. Not just wishy washy I sure wish I could, but deep down to my toes I have hope. They're entirely different things, wishing and hoping. Wishing doesn't even get you off the couch. Ditch the wishing, choose the hope. Hope is so much deeper, so much more far reaching, it means so much more to me than wishing. I see myself accomplishing my goals, I believe I can. Obstacles aren't walls, and heck, if they are I'm going around them or climbing over. I won't be stopped. I have hope. I am getting there. I w…

The Denim Diet by Kami Gray: Review 4 1/2 Stars

I am giving Kami Gray's The Denim Diet 4 and a half stars as an amazing, no-nonsense, humorous, all in one approach to healthier, thinner, greener lifestyle choices.
Don't let the fact that this book has the word 'diet' in the name fool you. This is no run of the mill fad diet book. Kami's attitude about the word diet reminded me of mine concerning diet being in my blog title: "I know it's in the title to this book, but I think the word diet sucks. It implies that for a temporary period of time, your eating habits will need to change dramatically in order for you to achieve weight loss. Instead of dictating a diet, I'm going to introduce you to sixteen simple habits to...I call these sixteen simple habits 'the List'." 
I could not agree more. Diet to me simply implies what we eat. We might have a healthy diet or a not so healthy one. In order to live healthy and stay that way we have to make permanent changes, not temporary drastic fad diets…

March Kick Some Asphalt Challenge Week 4 Recap

I really enjoyed this challenge! How did everyone do?
My week in running went really well. I hoped to have another vlog about it, but my weekend was busy with a capital b. 
Wednesday I did speed intervals on the treadmill, not as fast as usual just up to 6 and 6.5 mph for 30 minutes. I was feeling tired and sore and want to avoid over-training, been there done that. 
I switched my Friday run to Saturday for the same reason (30 Day Shred Level 3 really kicked my butt!). Saturday I did speed intervals on the treadmill again at  6-8mph. Felt good. I was glad I rested Friday. It was absolutely what my body needed. 
Then Sunday I ran a 5k distance again. We had mass snow Friday and Saturday and I was really hoping the sun would come out so I could run outside. I struggle getting much over 2 miles in on the treadmill, just can't stand it. The sun did come out. Which left lots of mud! So I went out to my parents' house and ran their driveway, mud and all. Their driveway is mostly one big…

03.28.2010 Weigh In

Weighed in this morning. Weigh 175.5 again. Same as last week. I know exactly why too. At least 3 days this week I was too 'busy' to track my calories on Sparkpeople. I tracked them loosely in my head, but obviously that didn't work out so well! That's OK, this is a lifetime journey. Maintaining my weight for a week is nothing to get depressed about.

My 5k is coming up in 3 weeks! Yay! I have decided to kick things in gear a little bit for the next 3 weeks. I am going to push a little harder in my weight loss efforts. Generally a pound a week or so is great, but less weight on me means faster running! I have huge goals for that 5k and I want to do everything I can to reach them. 

My workouts will be more intense and my calorie counting more diligent. I will pay closer attention to my nutrition and water intake. Just a little push in my efforts. I really feel up to it and am excited. 

I have learned so much 'this time around'. I no longer feel the need to be crazy …

Fabulous Friends Friday Open Mic

I haven't had a Fabulous Friends Friday in March and thought it would be fun to do another open mic!

I have lots of new followers and friends to get to know.
So, everyone who reads this post and has a blog, please give yourself a shout out in the comments. Tell us about yourself and your blog. Leave us a link.
Heck, if you don't have a blog, tell us a little about you.
Everyone be sure to read the comments with this post, that's what it's all about!
Also, you have until 4pm mountain time 03/26/2010 to enter my fabulous Oikos giveaway, PLEASE DO!

Hoodies aka My Blankie

My uniform practically every day is: jeans, t-shirt, hoodie. In the fall and spring the jeans change to capri pants. When it gets really hot in the summer the capri pants change to shorts. Only when it's absolutely hot out do I ditch the hoodie. 
Is it because I am cold? No. 
Hoodies have become my security blanket, my blankie. I feel very self conscious if I'm not wearing one. It started out that I felt like they hid my mommy tummy well. But my mommy tummy isn't near so obvious and I panicked the other day when I was behind on laundry and thought there were no clean hoodies! Gasp! I had to dig out my white one, and I am not good with white, rather than go sans hoodie.
I realized that day that I am hiding behind hoodies. The pics you see on my blog are all taken to give a good view of my progress, so I strip off the hoodie for those. Immediately once the pics are taken back on goes the hoodie.
I remember last summer wearing shorts, tank tops, and thinner hoodies. I was hot, bu…

March Kick Some Asphalt Week 3 Recap Vlog

So what did you think of my first vlog?! I think I have a lot to figure out, LOL! The picture quality is kind of bad from just using my Blackberry, and the audio is off somehow and doesn't exactly line up with the video...kinda bugs me, but oh well! There it is! I promise I'll improve with practice ;p

If you are part of the Kick Some Asphalt challenge be sure to leave us your running recap from last week in the comments. If you missed the first two weekly recaps be sure to go back and comment on those also so you can be in the running for the Defeet running socks!

03.21.2010 Weigh In

OK, so I was hoping this would be a vlog, but I am struggling with all things video! I set up a You Tube channel, dug out an old web cam, the picture on it stinks, so currently I'm trying to see if I can get it figured out on my Blackberry.

But, in the meantime, couldn't wait to share: Weigh in this morning was 175.5...that is 50.5 pounds down! Woohoo! Passed the 50 lbs lost mark. I had hoped for more than a pound this week, but eh, I'm happy! Mr. Scale has been amazingly cooperative since I cussed him out. Or perhaps it's merely my attitude shift? 

Hopefully I figure out my video issue and there will be vlogs coming soon!

Don't forget to enter my Yoplait Nourish Your Inner Goddess Giveaway.

Have an awesome Sunday!

Fear of Greatness

I have talked some on my blog about my fear of failure. I struggle hugely with fearing failure in everything from weight loss to writing. In the past it has kept me from even trying. I really feel I'm getting a handle on this fear. I've stared that fear down and not let it beat me. I have began those tasks head on that I was afraid to start in the past out of fear of failing them.
Prior to starting my blog I had no idea fear had such a hold on my life. But it did and still does in some ways. Upon much soul searching lately I have realized I have a fear of being great. A fear of greatness?! Say what?
I have been doing a lot of thinking about this and had a long conversation with my sister about it. I am afraid to be great. To be anything special. To stand out. To be better than someone else. This may sound absurd to some and I will do my best to explain. This post and how to best put into words what I feel has been swimming around my head for days.
My entire life I have had people…

Kick Some Asphalt Challenge Week 2 Recap

How was your week? Did you run? Did you walk? Did you walk/run? Don't forget to give us the break down in the comments. If you are part of this challenge, don't forget you need to check in each weekly post in the comments to be eligible for the socks. Doesn't matter how your running week went, only that you check in about it! If you missed commenting last week, go back and do it now:

I had an AWESOME running week! I really feel progress is being made. 

I made the decision to toss out hill runs until I can do them outside. I really just hate them on the treadmill. Getting myself to run and workout is hard enough without trying to make myself do something I hate. So, I will be doing speed intervals twice a week and adding hills back in when I am able to get outside for them.

Wednesday I did 30 minutes of speed intervals. I walked one minute at 3 mph then ran 1 minute at 6 to 7.5 mph. Felt great. 

My wor…

03.14.2010 Weigh In

This morning's weigh in was 176.5. I'm pretty happy with that. 2 lbs down from last week. My body fat monitor said 32.4% and 28.5 BMI.

Slow and steady making progress. I like it!

Have a great Sunday!

WOW! Had to come back and edit this post after updating my weight loss ticker. Since having my third son I am down 49.5 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is almost the 50 pound lost mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING. My little ticker girl is inching ever closer to her goal. LOVE IT. Looking forward to busting the 50 pound milestone next week. Woo Hoooooo!!!

Are You...Followin' ME?!

TGIF! I am having a crazy Friday and don't have time for a 'real' post. Whatever that is!

But I want to mention something that has been on my mind lately. I had a couple of giveaways and some new peeps find my blog. First, HI! Second, I have been too busy to go through my follower list and follow back all your wonderful blogs. I don't like this! If you are following me and have a blog, please leave me a comment with a link so I can go check it out this weekend. Sorry if I'm being lazy, but a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do! 

Also, if you've added me to your blogroll and I don't have you on mine, leave me a comment so I can fix that! 

AND....I'm much better at my follow back on Twitter, but if I've missed you tweet at me or leave me a comment for that too. If you're on Twitter and not following me, well, what are you waiting for?! LOL, @katdoesdiets on Twitter ;)

I love the community of blogging and don't want to get so busy that I'm not c…

Letter to My Jeans

OK, so I'm into letters to inanimate objects lately!

Dear Ms. Cute Jeans,

First I want to thank you. Thank you Ms. Cute Jeans for making me feel like I looked cute on Thanksgiving and again on Christmas. Thank you for fitting me and not giving me a muffin top, and thank you for not making me feel self conscious. Most of all thank you for showing the progress of my hard work better than Mr. Scale. I have enjoyed you thoroughly in our short time together.

I realize that I have always treated you rather tenderly. Washing you carefully and never putting you in the dryer for fear of shrinkage. Please do not be alarmed if I now wash you in hot water and put you through the dryer in an effort to keep you around a little longer. Think of it as a spa. You must understand that the budget doesn't allow for new jeans right now and plus, you're just so stinkin cute. But you know that already. 

I genuinely enjoy feeling skinny when I put you on now. However, you are positively falling off …

Thank You

Here it 100th Post! Woot Woot! I tossed around all kinds of ideas of what it should be. I am really proud of my little blog and excited about this milestone. I decided my 100th post would be a Thank You! When I think about my blog and all the wonderful people I encounter through it I am thankful. So I'm going to make like an Oscar winner, get all sappy, and thank some people!

First, I want to thank two people and a company who really brightened my week last week. As I blogged about last week, we are having money troubles right now. I haven't had grocery money for almost 3 weeks now (don't worry, we'll be fine). I was feeling a bit down about this last week and within a day span I received three things in the mail. I've heard of pennies from Heaven, but this was like presents from Heaven!  

I want to thank Kami Gray who recently sent me a copy of her book The Denim Diet.

I want to thank Vitalicious who sent me  huge sampler of VitaTops and VitaBrownies

I want…

Talkin' Smack to Mr. Scale

I thought this morning that this would be my 100th post. Woot! But...Oh, the pressure. A 100th post should be something special, something worth reading...right? I thought and thought...and I decided my 100th post would be a letter. Inspired by and a few other posts I've read lately. I agonized and worked hard on the pics. Then I realized it is my 99th post. Oh well, enjoy!
Dear Mr. Scale:

I have noticed you knocking a few of my friends around lately. Taking some cheap shots at them. They are pouring their heart and soul into their weight loss/getting healthy efforts and you are sneering at them. Taunting them. Trying to knock them down. 
Well, I am here to tell you to back off! You are nothing, nobody, a silly little square in our bathrooms. Yes, we can use you to judge our weight loss. But, quite honestly, you do a piss poor job of THAT even.
Exhibit A
I stepped on you this day and you read: 185 lbs. OK, good enough.
Exhibit B …

Kick Some Asphalt Challenge Week 1 Recap

By last count we have 19 participants in this challenge (counting me)! Woot! Go us! I will try to get a link list together for participants with blogs for next week's post.

First, my running recap:

Wednesday I had planned 30 minutes of running hills. There is a really great hill at my Dad's house and I usually just run up and down it. But with my Dad still recovering with his hand and all I didn't want to dump my boys on him, so I waited until hubby got home to run. Which wound up being late, so it was a treadmill run. Gotta say I heart Twitter. You throw a question out and are sure to get an answer right back! Wasn't sure what I should set my incline on for a hill run. Threw the question out and the answer came back: no more than 5. Worked for me! So I did intervals of 2 minutes running hills of 4 or 5 incline, 2 minutes running flat, 1 minute walk, repeat for 40 minutes. Still working on getting my lungs back to running shape since my hip injury, hence the walking port…

Weekend Warrior Challenge

My goals for the Weekend Warrior Challenge were to: Track my calories Saturday and Sunday. I tend to slip at this on weekends.Run 3 miles on Sunday. Really aiming to get one workout in on weekends.Keep calories under 1800 for Sunday even though I have a cheat meal that day.The results??? I tracked my calories both days. 1233 Saturday and 1880 Sunday. Very enlightening. Kept me on track better both days. Amazing how you look at a cheat meal differently when you're going to track it!
Ran the 3 miles. Had to walk 3 times for a minute each time, but I thought I might have to. Still happy with that. Since I'm coming back from an injury my lungs seem to be the last to want to join this running party! I'll get there.
Went over by 80 calories on my Sunday goal, but I'm OK with that too. I think I will try to keep up with tracking on weekends. Really felt it kept me in check.
Awesome challenge Brandon! Why let all our hard work get tanked by a bad weekend?
Check out my fellow Weeken…

03.07.2010 Weigh In

Just a quick post to say I weighed in this morning: 178.5. That is up a half pound from last week, but TOM is here so I am not a bit worried about that number.
I almost didn't weigh because with TOM I knew it wouldn't be down, but decided it's just a number on a scale, it's just a way to track progress of my hard work, so why let it scare me away. 
Have a great Sunday!

Negative Nelly

I don't generally like to post negative things. Mostly because my natural bent is to be a Negative Nelly and I fight hard to stay positive in my every day life. But this morning I am going to discuss something negative going on in my life because that really is all I have on my mind this morning. Sorry!

Money. Stinks.

That sums it. Hubby has his own business and we aren't getting paid right now. Might not get paid for a while. We don't believe in credit cards, so no pay check anything. We have an emergency fund to pay the mortgage, thank God. I have faith. I know it will work out. But for some reason I am struggling this morning with staying positive.

I absolutely don't want to be a downer to anyone. Just needed to talk about that. I will adjust my attitude and move forward with a smile and positive attitude, even if I don't feel it. Everything will be OK. I am all sorts of resourceful. Just need ya'll to tell me to stay positive! 

Have a great Friday!

Sister Challenge Results and Weekend Warrior Challenge

The results are in! We both had a great two weeks and feel fabulous! Getting up early and getting things done, working out consistently, and drinking our water has had awesome results in both our lives! So, we both win, right? OK, not exactly. Someone has to win the rewards. Here goes, the totals:
Water consumption for Starbucks Card: Vonda: 1160 oz Kat: 1292 oz
Exercise minutes for Running Socks: Vonda: 500 Kat: 587
Mornings up by 4:45 and productive for race T-shirts: Vonda: 8 Kat: 10
So, ya...I win all three! First I felt a little bad this morning, but texted with sis and she is feeling very positive about it. I am competitive, but sort of hoped she'd win one too. But, since we both feel great with our results and did some awesome things the last two weeks: Woo hoo! I win! We still haven't decided what our race t-shirts will say. But, I think the fronts should have the above symbol, what do ya think?
Looking forward to our March Kick Some Asphalt Challenge now! Join us, it's a lot…

Houston...We HAVE a Tricep

So the other day I was getting in the shower and noticed a new bump on my arm. Hmm, I think that is my tricep I thought to myself. When I got out of the shower, I said, "Hey honey, feel this my tricep?" He looked at my like I was a nerd and said, "Yes." 

Woo hoo! I have a tricep! OK, so I sort of knew I had a tricep, somewhere. When doing those exercises that are supposed to target this elusive muscle I was vaguely aware of its weakness. But in years of exercising I have never really had a 'bump' of a tricep that stood out at all. In fact I really wasn't even sure where exactly this tricep of which they speak, WAS.
Image via

NOW, I not only know where it is, I can FEEL mine. And yes, I am very excited about that fact.

This new discovery got me to thinking. Thinking about my workout schedule. Or lack of workout schedule to be precise. In the past, unless I was training for a race, I have always just willy nilly done whatever workout I was …

March Kick Some Asphalt Challenge

Sorry I'm just getting this up today! I've wanted to do a March challenge, but couldn't decide what it would be. But here it is:

March Kick Some Asphalt Challenge

The main focus of the challenge will be running 3 days a week, all month. If you are a runner, great, jump in with us, we could use your insight. If you are just starting out, we'll be here to support you! If you just sort of think you want to be a runner...jump in! What better time than now with all of us to support you?!

Even if you have to start out in run walk intervals. Even if your run intervals are only a minute, if you stick to it all month with us you will make progress! Run outside, run on the treadmill...just run with me!

OK, so I will post once a week on Mondays about how I am doing with it, whether I got in 3 runs, how they went, etc. I am focusing on increasing my speed, so I'll post about that. I will try to add in any helpful links I find on training, etc. In the comments of that post, everyon…