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Weekend Warrior Challenge

My goals for the Weekend Warrior Challenge were to:
  1. Track my calories Saturday and Sunday. I tend to slip at this on weekends.
  2. Run 3 miles on Sunday. Really aiming to get one workout in on weekends.
  3. Keep calories under 1800 for Sunday even though I have a cheat meal that day.
The results??? I tracked my calories both days. 1233 Saturday and 1880 Sunday. Very enlightening. Kept me on track better both days. Amazing how you look at a cheat meal differently when you're going to track it!

Ran the 3 miles. Had to walk 3 times for a minute each time, but I thought I might have to. Still happy with that. Since I'm coming back from an injury my lungs seem to be the last to want to join this running party! I'll get there.

Went over by 80 calories on my Sunday goal, but I'm OK with that too. I think I will try to keep up with tracking on weekends. Really felt it kept me in check.

Awesome challenge Brandon! Why let all our hard work get tanked by a bad weekend?

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