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Ultimate Booty Workouts - Phase 1 Recap, Results, and Review

I can't believe I've been doing this program for a month! Wow, the time flew.

I began Ultimate Booty Workouts Phase 1 very gung ho and my plan was to do 3 sets of the Phase 1 workout, 3 times a week, using my 10 lb weights. Then, to do an upper body (my own, not included in this book) workout twice a week and cardio once a week (Oh, and I hoped to throw in some yoga too?!).

Didn't happen. 

I did the first workout, doing 3 sets using my 10 lb weights, and was sooooo sore for two or three days following. What worked for me was to drop down to my 8 lb weights and give myself 2 days of rest between workouts. I tend to think I'm a badass, but my post-partum body doesn't quite agree yet. I also only got the upper body workout in once a week and only did cardio the last 2 weeks (though cardio isn't a requirement for Phase 1).

Best laid plans I guess. However, I'm proud of myself for adjusting to what my body needed and persevering instead of getting frustrated and quitting (like I've done over and over post-baby). I'm glad that this book is so flexible and gave me different options to make this work at my fitness level. My last workout of the month rocked and I felt I'd mastered the Phase 1 Workout! 

My eating choices were great this month, but my portions were a bit over what they should have been. As fat loss is one of my goals I am going to track on My Fitness Pal for Phase 2 just to be sure I get that in check.

The main thing I've noticed this first month is that for the first time post-baby I am feeling stronger! It's an amazing feeling. One of the main things I've struggled with (since probably my 36th week of pregnancy) is feeling so weak. I revel in feeling strong and it's been tough for me to not have that feeling.

I burned an average of 275 to 300 calories per Phase 1 Workout. A great burn for a weights workout.

Before-194.5 After Phase 1-191
Before-44 After Phase 1-43.5
Before-36.5 After Phase 1-36
Before-44 After Phase 1-43.5
Right Calf: 
Before-14.5 After Phase 1-14.5
Clothing size: 
Before-13 After Phase 1-Can wear some 12's now

I have thoroughly enjoyed Ultimate Booty Workouts so far. It crossed my mind that I might get bored doing the same workout for a month (because I tend to have workout ADD), but I didn't. I enjoyed the workouts and how they made me feel strong and energized. They definitely suit my workout preferences perfectly and I'm glad to have found something I want to stick to.

Music is very motivating to me and I really loved having my own music to workout to (and making new playlists on my ipod) instead of whatever music plays on a workout DVD. Those that workout at the gym may take this for granted, but for me it is something I'm not used to and have enjoyed.

The foam roller instruction included with the stretch and cool down section is awesome. I've had a foam roller forever and didn't know exactly what to do with it! I will confess I haven't done the stretching and foam rolling after every workout. Going to work on that for phase 2.

My previously little used foam roller is definitely feeling the love lately!

Overall, upon trying the workouts for a month, I still give this book a thumbs up and am excited to tackle Phase 2!

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