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Jillian Michaels Body Revolution: Week 5 Results

Phase 2 of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution definitely takes it up a notch. The cardio 2 and workouts 5 and 6 were definitely more challenging. In fact, if you're an absolute beginner, or struggling with the first workouts, you may want to hang out with Phase 1 a bit longer! 

This week was pretty lack-luster for me. I got stung by a bee last Sunday and had a weird reaction. I also stepped on a screw the same day and got into some stinging nettles a couple days later. I'm never this accident prone! 

I chose to take Monday and Tuesday as additional rest days because my leg around the bee sting was very swollen and painful. So, I only did the strength workouts twice last week instead of 4 times.

Also, coming off a fairly big loss (for me) last week I chose to up my calories to 1500 every day this week. I just couldn't hack it. 

All of that being said, I think it I made good choices for me; I feel ready to rock it OUT this week!

My beginning stats were:
Weight 174
Waist 30.5
Right Thigh 19.75
Right Calf 13.75
Right Arm 11.75
Bust 39
Hips 40.75

Last week's stats:
Weight 166
Waist 29.25
Right Thigh 19
Right Calf 13.5
Right Arm 11.5
Bust 38
Hips 40

My week 5 stats:
Weight 165.5
Waist 29.25
Right Thigh 19
Right Calf 13.5
Right Arm 11.5
Bust 38
Hips 40

Nothing to throw a party about this week, but I needed a recharge week, so I took it. I have found that sometimes the best choice is taking care of myself before I hit bottom and dive head-first into a bucket of peanut butter cup ice cream. I feel re-set and ready to hit it hard this week! On to week 6.

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